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STACK ROCK 2/27/16

At the Base of Stack Rock

On Top of Stack Rock

At Effie's Gravesite on Top of Stack Rock

Arriving at Stack Rock Trailhead

Headed to Stack Rock through a
controlled burn that happened last week!

One hill just before getting to Stack Rock

At the base of Stack Rock ready.....

....and around we go.....

Looking for our way up to the top

Lydia and Brittany

The Wedged Rock and Rusty below....

Big Bluff

Still looking for a way up....

....and we found it!
Steps to the Top

Steep and slick in places

We all made it, now for the "bushwhack"

This is what most of the top of Stack
Rock looked like....yipes!

Made it to the north end.....

Just in time for lunch...

We had a little surprise down below...

Rock Climbers from Little Rock and

We had a great seat watching this man
scale the pedestal...

He made it.....!
Mike was thinking about doing it next?
He offered us his rope.....
We then went is search of Effie's tombstone..
and after scrambling through the biers and brambles
and up a steep hillside, we found it!
Effie D. Eveleigh
(You can read more here...Click here)
We even found the footstone....
A "Woodsman of the World" tombstone.
In the middle of nowhere......
We would gather our troops together and
then head back down and off the mountain.
Found an interesting fossil....
Bill Cain describes it to us.
Now to complete our circle....

Chris is always "Up" to something?

We are "Never" sure what Rusty is up to!

Looking for the rock climbers!

We found some of their stuff....or their
kids stuff?

This looks like grownup stuff?

Stack Rock (North end)

We could have come down here?

I think we found a climber?

....or maybe not!

Bear Grotto (up high)

This bluff was so high we couldn't
get a good picture of it.....

Our girls still leading the way.

Some amazing bluffs at Stack Rock

I hope Lindsey didn't fall off the bluff?

Nope....just taking a nap!

Cindy did one last climb.....!

Time to head back out.

Some were still smiling!

Our leaders were pooped!

The parking lot was crowded and so were we!

The last time we would see these guys!
They would end up in Snowball with
Carol and Glen......

But there were rumors that someone
saw Lila playing in the snow...
just a rumor!