TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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To see more Secrets of Seven Hollows click HERE

Arriving at our parking spot, Hwy. 155

We will be heading down the Boy Scout Trail

Here we go for our adventure?

Takagnome beat us to the trailhead

Group Shot

Our last minute instructions.....

This would be the last time we would
see an actual trail, for a while!

Looking for some "secrets"

Found some, but we can't tell you what they were!

The Yellow Painted Shelter

Peek-a-boo hole for Takagnome

....continuing to search

Donna, Cindy and Patti

George, Kaiden and Kathie

Kaiden taking a shortcut out of the
moonshine grotto

Our first "moonshine" grotto

Orvalene fells right at home!

This is how deep the grotto goes.

Kaiden and Takagnome find a place to hide.

I believe this ice was up "there' a
minute ago? Yipes!

Actually back on a "real" trail.

Wonder what the arrow is pointing to?

Ah, a shelter.

Rock Shelter

Inside the rock shelter

Heading back down to the trail.


I believe we turn left at the bridge.

We find the box grotto....more moonshine evidence.

...and I believe there is one of the moonshiners?

Come on Maria, smile!

Mike heading up to the top.

Maria would smile once on top!

This was typical of our day!

Back on top and now over to the grotto.

A nice splash of color

Time for a little break.

Kirk and Ray

Mike without Yuko

Shawn and LaDona.
Hey Valentines Day is over!

Kathie, Kaiden, George and Connie.


All of US....and Andrew on top.

Kirk is the first one to the top

Looking down into Grotto Falls

Orvalene and her two new hiking poles

LaDona and Shawn

The sun was bright, so Takagnome ate lunch
in the backpack.


Ray going down into the grotto

....and Cindy soon follows

Kathie, Kaiden and George just look!

And here comes Cindy back up...

Mark coming up also.

Ah, a trail once again.

Takagnome needed to take a break!

The Natural Bridge

On top of the turtle rocks above the Bridge

Alan resting just a bit.

Heading up to a secret cave

Inside the double cave.
There is a "secret" in there.

Takagnome waiting outside and guarding
 the entrance.

Back down

Kaiden filling his water bottle....
should he drink it or not?

New trail markers, nice.

This is where we would split up.
Some would head back up the trail to our
vehicles....several would go the 'shotcut"
way......the "trail folks" made the right decision!!!!

Found some more moonshine evidence.

This is why the "trail folks" made the
right decision.

But we finally made it.....
Linda was very happy!

Back out only 20 minutes behind
the others.....not too bad.

We were pooped!!!!
The Secrets are still a secret.
You will have to go next time to find out
what they were.