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There are a lot of "Secrets in Seven Hollow". Not all secrets are shown on the above map or pictures below.
Some "Secrets" you will need to find for yourself.

Sign at Highway Entrance

Park Area
35.11415°, 92.94530°

Entrance to Trail
35.11422°, 92.94532°

35.11647°, 92.94675°

#1 Grotto
35.10890°, 92.94515°

Typical Box Work on rock bluffs

Closeup of bluff walls

Grotto ceilings (typical)

More grotto ceilings

"Twisted" rock outcropping

# 1a Hole Grotto
35.10847°, 92.64603°

Could not determine the depth of this hole, but
it was more than the 3 ft. we could measure!

#1b Upper Cave
35.10780°, 92.94672°

Hugging Tree

Grotto and bluff line between #1b and #1c

#1c Grotto
35.10592°, 92.94607°

#2 Rock Shelter

Inside #2 Rock Shelter
35.10633°, 92.94508°

Wall outside #2 Cave

#3 Rock Shelter

Inside #3 Rock Shelter
35.10598°, 92.94502°

Inside #3 Rock Shelter

#3 Rock Shelter and Upper Cave on left

Accessing Shelter

 Upper Shelter

#4 Rock Shelter

#4 Rock Shelter
35.10555°, 92.94537°

#4 Rock Shelter

Inside looking out
South Entrance #4 Rock Shelter

Looking up inside #4 Rock Shelter

Inside looking out
East Entrance #4 Rock Shelter

Just west of #4 Rock Shelter

Looking from inside
(Just west of #4 Rock Shelter)

Entering in
(Just west of #4 Rock Shelter)

More "Rock Features"

#5 Rock Shelter
35.10528°, 92.94460°
Inside #5 Rock Shelter Two Entrances
Bridge Rock just North of #5 Rock Shelter
#6 Rock Shelter
35.10358°, 92.94502°
Inside #6 Rock Shelter
Just South of #6 Rock Shelter
#7 Rock Shelter
35.10267°, 92.94517°
Inside #7 Rock Shelter
Inside looking out #7 Rock Shelter
#8 Rock Shelter Two Entances
35.10223°, 92.94528°

Inside #8 Rock Shelter

Looking outside from right entrance
#8 Rock Shelter
Looking outside from left entrance
#8 Rock Shelter

Inside Rock Shelter #8 left entrance
#9 Rock Shelter
35.10160°, 92.94487°
Box Work on rock outcrop
Balance Rock
#10 Rock Shelter
35.10127°, 92.64553°
Exploring inside of #10 Rock Shelter
Inside looking out #10 Rock Shelter

Entrance to Beautyberry Hollow

#10a Beautyberry Shelter
35.09978°, 92.94608°

Trying to find out how to access
#10a Beautyberry Shelter
(It will take a smaller person)
Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge
35.09957°, 92.94523°
Sign on Trail
Turtle Rocks above the Natural Bridge
Turtle Rock above the Natural Bridge
Turtle Rocks above the Natural Bridge

#10b Fern Grotto

#10b Fern Grotto
35.09673°, 92.94648°

Mile Marker 1.5-Mile heading South
3.0-Mile heading North 35.09660°, 92.94650°
#11 Grotto
#11 Grotto
35.09620°, 92.94637°
#11 Grotto
#12 Upper Grotto
#12 Upper Grotto
35.09593°, 92.94657°
#12 Upper Grotto

Entrance to Grotto
35.09662°, 92.94978°

Seven Hollows Grotto

Seven Hollows Grotto Falls
35.09795°, 92.94873°
Yellow Trail to top of Grotto (West side)
Access down into Grotto (West side)
35.09783°, 92.94902°
West side access into Grotto from
Yellow Trail
Twin Rocks on top West side
Unique Rock
Dome Rock

Looking down into Grotto from East side

Looking upstream from Grotto Falls

Above Seven Hollows Grotto Falls

Some of the special rocks on top

One of many dome rocks

Rock Plateau

Access Down into Upper Grotto Hollow
35.09653°, 92.95332°

Rock and Tree at Access Down

Small Waterfall from top

#13 Grotto
35.09653°, 92.95332°

Rock Features at #13 Grotto

Rock layers at #13 Grotto

Rock Bridge on Trail looking north

Rock Bridge looking south
35.10220°, 92.95332°

Wood Bridge
35.10353°, 92.95158°

Old rock steps to #14 Grotto

#14 Grotto
35.10397°, 92.95163°
(Evidently the trail passed by this grotto but has
now been re-routed around it?)

White arrow on #14 Grotto

"Holy Grotto" near #14 Grotto

Rock Features near #14 Grotto

.....more Rock Features
#14a Tin Can Shelter (and old lumber)
35.10388°, 92.95073°
#14b Box Shelter (and barrel rings)
Probably another "Moonshine Shelter"?
35.10458°, 92.95033°
#14b (old wood box)
Shelter has been dug out and dirt piled
in front of shelter)
#14b (barrel rings)
Green Lichen Waterfall
#14c Long Rock  
35.10080°, 92.95002°

#15 Grotto (West side of trail)
35.10515°, 92.95132°

#16 Upper Shelter (East side of trail)
35.10545°, 92.95108°

Three pictures of Rock Features in #17 Grotto
35.10615°, 92.95062°

#17a Rock Shelter
35.10762°, 92.94908°
Inside #17a Rock Shelter
Inside #17a Shelter
#17b Rock Shelter
(Shelter goes up to upper shelf opening)
#17b Rock Shelter
35.11003°, 92.94918°
#17b Rock Shelter

#18 Rock Shelter
35.11025°, 92.94900°

#18 Rock Shelter from inside looking out

Intersection of Boy Scout Trail
35.11203°, 92.94982°
#18a Rock Shelter
#18a Shelter (several barrel rings)
35.11245°, 92.94973°
Rock Shelter just south of #18a

#19 Moonshine Grotto
35.11082°, 92.94810°

#19 Moonshine Grotto
(From inside looking at rock wall fortress)
According to State Park Interpreters, this is one of
three moonshine grottos in Seven Hollows.

Exploring inside of #19 Moonshine Grotto

#20 Painted Shelter
35.11098°, 92.94797°

Yellow painted griffiti inside #20 Painted Shelter

Inside looking out #20 Painted Shelter

Side windows in #20 Painted Shelter

Side Windows

Peeking inside

#21 Grotto
35.11102°, 92.94807°

Metal barrel rings, metal pipes inside #21 Grotto

Water Grotto (between #21 & #22)
35.11158°, 92.94767°

#22 Grotto
35.11187°, 92.94768°

#23 Grotto
35.11220°, 92.94802°

Fungi Pile

Pictographs in Seven Hollows (3CN### Arkansas Archeological Survey Identification)
Locations not disclosed to protect rock art sites.



3CN130 Petroglyph



According to Dr. Matthew Moran, in his book
"Guide to the Trails of Petit Jean State Park",
states that this pictograph, at The Grotto, was
created in the 1970s.
3CN129 Tracing
(Larry Porter from AAS making tracing)
3CN128 Tracing


3CN168 Tracing
The Seven Hollows/Petit Jean Mountain
Site #1 (3CN168) was listed on the National

Register of Historic Places on  9/20/06.
The Site's pictographs (which contain three)
are still in their original locations,
with the exception of the historic still,
the rock shelter likely has a similar

feeling as it did originally and the site is still
associated with Native Americans.