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Logan County Old Jail Museum
202 North Vine Street, Paris, Arkansas

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Old Jail Museum
The jailer lived on the right side....
The lady prisioners were down in the basement,
the men were on the left side upstairs.


Downstairs is where the lady prisioners were kept

There was a small kitchen on the right side
where all the cooking was done....

Dress of the day....

Orphan children from the east (New York and Boston)
were sent on trains to the west where they were placed in
several cities along the way....Paris being one of them.

This is a list of the orphan children that
would live in this area....

Picture of some of the orphan children
riding the train to parts unknown to them!

Front door to jail....

Once you opened the door there was
another door.....the building had very
thick walls....

Most Wanted

Upstairs were the men were kept

The small cells are now used for
history items....

Cell door....

This is one of the beds inside the cell....

You can see how thick the outside walls are.

The last person to ever be legally hanged in Arkansas,
was in the back yard of the jail on July 15, 1914.