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10-Miles Northwest of Mena on Hwy. 88 (Talimena National Scenic Byway)

Located on the Talimena Scenic Highway on the Ouachita National Forest, Rich Mountain Fire Tower is at the highest point on the road and is a popular picnic spot. The 42’ steel tower with a 14’x14’ Cl-100 metal cab was constructed in 1954 and used for fire detection until 1975. It replaced an unusual 6’x6’ wooden cab perched atop a 20’ log tower with a Spartan groundhouse living quarters.

Built in 1954
34.67388°, 94.32867°

Built in 1952

The Latrine


The first observation tower on Rich Mountain consisted of a pine
tree with a platform.  It was replaced in 1910 with a wooden
fire tower.  The tower manned by Mr. Amos Egger, his wife Grace
and three children (Picture above), from 1923 to 1926.
He and his family lived in a small crude dwelling under the
fire tower.  A few years later teh family moved into a three
room cottage (Picture on left), built west of the tower.
In 1924, the wooded tower was replaced with a metal tower
measuring 7' x 7'.  (Picture on right). A third residence was
constucted in 1937 followed by a latrine in 1940.
A third tower was consturcted in 1954.  Itm, too, consisted of a
metal cab; however, it measured 14' x 14' and stood 65 ' high.
The tower was taken out of service in the mid 1970's.