TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Victor Road / Hwy. 7 (FR 1000, Co. Ro. 17)
35.65241°, 93.06380°

Victor Road / Sulphur Road Intersection
35.65149°, 93.00312°

Sulphur Road / Hwy. 16 (FR 1809, Co. Rd. 180)
35.71976°, 93.08463°

Parking Area "A"

35.66923°, 93.01897°

Entrance of FR 1850

Parking Area "B" and Campsite
35.67125°, 93.01987°
(Just east of The Mill Hole)

WF #1 The Mill Hole
35.67097°, 93.02012°

FR 1850 (Horse Trail)

Horse Trail leaving FR 1850
35.67455°, 93.01996°
(Marked with white markers)

Creek Crossing
35.67487°, 93.02102°

Horse Trail (Follow white markers
to top of mountain and vista)

Looking south down NF Illinois Bayou

Cut-out in rock shelf

Looking north up side creek

Plastic White Markers
(Yes, it's steep!)

On top of Vista looking East
(Horse Trail comes out to Vista)

35.67602°, 93.02068°
Looking south down North Fork Illinois Bayou

Bear Crack leads to
Victor Indian Cave

Bear Crack

Victor Indian Cave
35.67600°, 93.02085°

Left side cave

Chiseled Hole to outside

Inside looking out

Looking from outside through chiseled hole

From outside looking South

From outside looking South

WF #2 Slap Falls
35.67557°, 93.01840°

Old Housesite
35.65630°, 93.00003°

Old House Site