TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Shores Lake & Mulberry CCC Camps

Shores Lake CCC Camp

Entrance Sign

Temporary Parking Area Campsite #11
35.64301°, 93.95884°

Shores Lake.......?

Fireplace "A"
35.64259°, 93.95654°

Foundation "A"
Typical foundation for cabins.

Fireplace "B"
35.64255°, 93.95627°

Foundation "B"

Fireplace "C"
35.64265°, 93.95607°

Foundation "C"

Fireplace "D"
35.64282°, 93.95601°

Fireplace and Foundation "E"

Fireplace "F"
35.64276°, 93.95561°

Drainage under concrete slab "F"

Drain Pit "F"

Double Fireplaces "G" (30' x 80' Building)

Fireplace on north end "G"
35.64227°, 93.95524°

Fireplace on south end "G"
35.64207°, 93.95511°

Steps heading uphill "G"

Fireplace "H"
35.64167°, 93.95491°

Foundation "H"

Fireplace "I"
35.64159°, 93.95481°

Fireplace "J"
35.64143°, 93.95458°

Foundation "K" (Fireplace has fallen)
35.64124°, 93.95452°

Fireplace "L"
35.64101°, 93.95435°

Fireplace "M"
35.64083°, 93.95436°

Drainage under concrete slap "M"

Fireplace and foundation "M"
Foundation "N", "O", "P", "Q" and "R" are all
cabins with no fireplaces.
35.64059°, 93.95445° thru 35.63936°, 93.95474°

Mulberry CCC Camp

"A" Septic Junction Box

"B" Conc. Slab

"C" Foundation Wall

"D" Foundation Wall

"E" Rock Block

"F" Septic Junction

"G" Conc. Foundation and Conc. Blocks

"H" Septic Junction

"I" Septic Junction

"J" Septic Junction

"K" Septic Junction Box

"L" Conc. Foundation & Steps

Geocache Shores Lake CCC #2 GCHG7R

Tin Can Trash Pile

Outline of Conc. Sidewalk