TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Access Point "B" 35.87220°, 93.05077°;  Access Point "D" 35.87240°, 93.04275°;


Entrance to Sam's Throne on Hwy. 123
35.87905°, 93.04482°

Gate at entrance
(Main parking area just before the gate)
You can also park at camping sites or
at the end of this road.

There are two restroom locations

35.87723°, 93.04652°

35.87723°, 93.04652°

Access "A" Dog Walk
35.87778°, 93.04737°

End of road parking in circle drive

Sign at circle drive

Chickenhead Wall Vista
35.87278°, 93.04988°

Circle Drive and Parking

Bluffline at Chickenhead Wall

Climbing Areas
Inside #4 Cave east of Chickhead Wall
35.87255°, 93.04911°

Scenic Overlook
35.86513°, 93.04662°

View of Sam's Throne for Overlook

A popular parking spot

Access Point "E" on Hwy. 123
Valley of the Blind and Deliverance

35.86248°, 93.04452°

Primitive trail to bottom of bluffs

Valley of the Blind Falls
35.86213°, 93.04597°

Bluffs of Valley of the Blind

One of the climbing bluffs

Entrance Cave #1
35.86640°, 93.04728°

Exit Cave #1

Entrance Cave #2
35.86817°, 93.04647°

Inside Cave #2

Exit Cave #2

Entrance Cave #3
35.86842°, 93.04635°

Inside Cave #3

Exit Cave #3


On the way to The Point

Top of The Point looking north
35.88341°, 93.04936°

Bottom of The Point looking up

View along The Point Trail

Bear Crack
35.87840°, 93.04777°

Cave #5 under The Point Trail
35.88107°, 93.04938°

Cave #6 under The Point Trail
35.88180°, 93.04933°

Below bluffs on way to Sam's Throne

Bear Crack on way to Sam's Throne

Rock climbers on south side
of Sam's Throne

Access "C" to top of
Sam's Throne

35.87052°, 93.05267°

View looking North into Big Valley from
 the top of Sam's Throne.  Said to be the
 spot where Sam Davis did his preaching.

View from top of
Sam's Throne looking South

Sign near North end of Sam's Throne

Location Map
Driving Directions: From Pelsor (Sand Gap) take Hwy. 7 north 3.4 miles to the south Hwy. 123 exit; continue to 4.0 to downtown Lurton;
continue on Hwy. 123, 10-miles from downtown to the entrance to Sam's Throne (Sign on Hwy.)