TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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King's Bluff Loop
(Counter Clockwise)

Sign on Hwy.

Sign on Hwy.

Sign at north entrance road

Picnic Table


Parking Area

Pedestal Rocks & King's Bluff Trailhead
35.72353°, 93.01528°

Old Trailhead Sign

New Trailhead Sign

Decision Time
Sign next to Trailhead
Heading for King's Bluff Loop first...

Warning sign just before you enter
King's Bluff Falls area.

Sign just before rock patio.

Rock patio at King's Bluff Falls

Looking south at railings.

King's Bluff Falls

King's Bluff Falls
(Bottom of falls)

Top of King's Bluff Falls
35.72480°, 93.02512°

Looking north

Looking south at south end of rock patio

Railing at Un-named Waterfall

Un-named Waterfall at south end
35.72417°, 93.02443°

Sign at south end passed Un-named Waterfall
(Trail on right follows bluff line; trail on left follows
old road back to beginning of King's Bluff Loop)

Primitive Trail heading "downunder" to
bottom of King's Bluff Falls and The Seven Shelters
35.72397°, 93.02468°

Vista "A"
35.72384°, 93.02514°

Vista "B"
35.72361°, 93.02528°

Vista "C"
35.72255°, 93.02572°

Big Rocks Vista "D"

Big Rocks Vista "D"
35.72224°, 93.02564°

Big Rocks Vista "D"

Big Crack Railing "E"

Big Crack Railing "E"
35.72191°, 93.02528°

Big Crack Railing "E"

Vista "F"
35.72166°, 93.02527°

Railing "G"
35.72163°, 93..02508°

Railing "H"
35.72138°, 93.02479°
Vista "I"
Vista "I"
35.72165°, 93.02527°

Vista "I"
Railing "J"
35.72118°, 93.02452°
Pedestal Vista "K"
35.72087°, 93.02393°

Check out all the caves below these bluffs

Railing "L"
35.72086°, 93.02361°

Tiny Pedestal

Un-named Waterfall
35.72134°, 93.02214°

Last Vista "M"
35.72118°, 93.02188°
(Looking south)

Unusual looking Pine tree
at Last Vista "M"

Moonshine Grotto "N"
35.72108°, 93.02033°

Found old metal barrel rings

Old boards
Note: The drainage across the highway from the entrance
of Pedestal Rocks is called Still Hollow....
so all this makes sense.

Arriving at intersection
35.72168°, 93.01617°

The Seven Shelters of King's Bluff Downunder

#1 Shelter
35.72198°, 93.02562°

#2 Shelter
35.72167°, 93.02522°

#3 Shelter
35.72132°, 93.02487°
#4 Fern Shelter
35.72115°, 93.02445°

#5 Shelter
35.72075°, 93.02342°

#6 Lake Shelter
35.72083°, 93.02318°

#7 Shelter
35.72120°, 93.02163°

Pedestal Rocks Loop
( Clockwise)

Heading to Pedestal Rocks Loop

Rock Steps (You will encounter these both coming
and going along this loop)

Intersection Sign for Pedestal Rocks and
King's Bluff Loops. 
35.72168°, 93.01617°

This is what the intersection looks like today!
Intersection Sign has been destroyed.
Head straight, along old road or turn left (south)
and head along existing trail.

Turn right (north) and head along this loop.

Turn left (south) and following trail around
to the Arch Rock.

Warning Sign (800' before Arch Rock)

#8 Arch Rock
35.71395°, 93.01693°
(Primitive trail leads down to Arch Rock and below bluffs)
(Scroll down and follow The Wonders Downunder from
this Arch Rock to some of the features found below)

#8 Arch Rock

Backside of #8 Arch Rock

Looking down on #9 Cave Rock
35.71355°, 93.01728°

#10 Pedestal 35.71335°, 93.01730°
(This is the first pedestal you see next to
#9 Cave Rock)

Knotty Tree

Primative leading down below bluffs.
35.71191°, 93.01885°

35.71177°, 93.01893°

#12 Sundae Pedestal
35.71157°, 93.01910°

#12 Sundae Pedestal

First Railing Vista
35.71155°, 93.01931°
Overlooking #13 Pedestal

#13 Pedestal
35.71150°, 93.01915°

Primitive trail leading below bluffs.
35.71130°, 93.02013°

Second Railing Vista
35.71100°, 93.01994°

Second Railing Vista

View from Second Railing Visita
Looking south at #15 The Large Grotto

The Third Railing Vista
35.71064°, 93.02031°

The Third Railing Vista

The Third Railing Vista looking south

Looking back at the Third Railing Vista

#17 Pedestal
35.70998°, 93.02060°

The Crack Railing
35.71017°, 93.02078°

The Crack Railing

Looking back at The Crack Railing

Patio Vista
35.71004°, 93.02166°

Old Steps leading down under bluffs
35.71042°, 93.02178°

Trail Sign

Trail leading to Famous Pedestal and
Trailhead Parking
(Trail splits and heads to Famous Pedestal
about 100' from this sign)
Vista at #27 Famous Pedestal

#27 Famous Pedestal
35.71117°, 93.02290°

The Wonders Downunder
(From the Arch Rock we will leave the trail and follow bluff line downunder)

Just below the "pointed rock" and an old road
is the Bear Crack Rock #7A

Bear Crack Rock #7A
35.71447°, 93.01545°

Bear Crack Rock #7A

#9 Cave Rock
35.71355°, 93.01728°
(Located just south of Arch Rock)

Entrance to #9 Cave Rock

Inside #9 Cave Rock looking out the back

Inside of #9 Cave Rock

Back of #9 Cave Rock

#9 Cave Rock
South side view

#10 Pedestal
(Just south of #9 Cave Rock)
Primitive trail leading below bluffs
35.71197°, 93.01885°
(You can access below bluffs here
or at Arch Rock)
Primitive trail wraps around to the right.
#11 Wet Grotto
Inside #11 Wet Grotto looking out
35.71182°, 93.01902°
#12 Sundae Pedestal
(Looking south)

35.71157°, 93.01910°
Inside #12 Sundae Pedestal looking
at #13 Pedestal
Inside #12 Sundae Pedestal looking north
Back wall of #12 Sundae Pedestal
Looking north at #12 Sundae Pedestal
#13 Pedestal
35.71150°, 93.01915°
#13 Pedestal

#14 The Climbing Rock
35.71150°, 93.01950°

Several climbing clips on north side.

Down from trail or up from below bluffs
.71130°, 93.02013°

Some of the bluffs along the way....

#15 The Large Grotto
35.71055°, 93.02013°

More bluffs ......

#16 The Double
35.71012°, 93.02045°

Inside #16 The Double

From inside looking out #16 The Double

North entrance to #16 The Double

Approaching #17 Pedestal

#17 Pedestal
35.70998°, 93.02060°

Entrance to #18 The Uppers
35.71000°, 93.02073°

Inside #18 The Uppers

#18 The Uppers (left view)

#18 The Uppers (right view)

#18 The Uppers (south view)

Exit wall in the #18 The Uppers

Inside #18 The Uppers

#19 The Leaner
35.70995°, 93.02078°

First entrance #20 The Leaning Tree Room

First entrance #20 The Leaning Tree Room

Outside the second entrance....
#20 The Leaning Tree Room

From inside #20 The Leaning Tree Room
35.70993°, 93.02083°

Inside #20 The Leaning Tree Room

More ......

...... and more.

East entrance #21 The Silhouette Room
#21 The Silhouette Room

Inside #21 The Silhouette Room
35.71002°, 93.02155°
From outside #21 The Silhouette Room
Looking down from trail

This is where you access downunder .....
35.71042°, 93.02178°
Continuing on around and under the bluffs....
Entrance #22 The Big Room
35.71043°, 93.02222°

Inside #22 The Big Room

Exit #22 The Big Room
at the Leaning Pine Tree
On around north from #22 The Big Room
(At this level you can only go on to
The Elephant Cave.  You need to drop
down to continue)
The Sliver Rock
(Just past this is The Elephant Cave)
#23 The Elephant Cave
35.70152°, 93.02238°
Looking inside #23 The Elephant Cave

#24 The Red Heart Tunnel
35.71063°, 93.02247°

Inside wall
Standing on top of #24

Looking back at #24

#25 Cave
35.71078°, 93.02264°

#26 Cave
35.71089°, 93.02275°

Down from trail to get to get to caves and
Famous Pedestal
35.71107°, 93.02256°

#27 Famous Pedestal
35.71117°, 93.02290°

#27 Famous Pedestal

#28 Vista Cave

#28 Vista Cave
35.71125°, 93.02293°

Vista Cave and Famous Pedestal

Down to #27 Famous Pedestal and
#28 Vista Cave from trail.
35.71139°, 93.02264°
(From this point it is better to follow trail on
around to Uno Pedestal and Twin Arched Pedestal)

Vista #29
35.71170°, 93.02307°

Vista #30
35.71202°, 93.02310°

Looking down at #31 Uno Pedestal

#31 Uno Pedestal
 35.71165°, 93.02347°

Looking back across from Uno Pedestal

#32 Thone Trees leading to cave and way down to
the #34 Twin Arched Pedestal
35.71050°, 93.02467°

Closeup of the two Thone Trees
(Native Americans would bend trees in order to create trail
markers and served multiple purposes. From indicating that
water and food was nearby, shelters and to warn
travelers of rough country ahead?)

Points to way to get down off of bluff and to
#33 Cave

#33 Cave
35.71045°, 93.02460°
(Just below Thone Tree)

#34 Twin Arched Pedestal
35.71022°, 93.02483°

#34 Twin Arched Pedestal

Top of #34 Twin Arched Pedestal
(You can actually walk out on top from bluff line)

This is another way down off of bluff just past #34.
35.71016°, 93.02504°

Last Rock Feature #35
35.71003°, 93.02518°

Miscellaneous Features

Entrance to TAKAHIK Cave

35.71680°, 93.02312°

Inside TAKAHIK Cave

Rock Patios South of King's Bluff Area

Rock Patio #36
(With King's Bluff in background)
Looking North

Rock Patio #36
35.71897°, 93.02588°

Rock Patio #36
Looking South

Squirrel Den in bluff line......
(Just as I was about to look in the hole....
a squirrel came running out!)
35.71815°, 93.02587°

Un-named Waterfall "m"
35.71742°, 93.02587°

Un-named Waterfall "m"
(Not much water today)

Rock Patio #37
35.71695°, 93.02647°

Entrance to Cave #38
35.71610°, 93.02668°

Back end of Cave #38

Inside Cave #38 looking out

From Cave #38 looking down bluff line
 (Found evidence that someone has stayed here)
This is in a very remote area as shown on above map.

Someone has tied several small trees
together for a bed? There is a wire
box springs on top of tree bedding.


This is outline of box springs.

Old fire pit with metal items?

Looking back up bluff line

South end of bluff line

Un-named Waterfall "n"
35.71527°, 93.02638°

Old Abandoned Trail

Rock Bridge on old abandoned trail
35°42.842', 93°01.180'

Rock Steps on old abandoned trail
35°42.854', 93°01.095'

14 Rock Steps

The Falls of Pedestal Rocks

Un-named Waterfall "a" just below trail
35°43.076', 93°00.929'

Midway Falls "b"
35.71727°, 93.01405°

Double Spigot Falls "c"
35.71718°, 93.01335°

Morris Ridge Falls "d"
(The ridge east of this hollow is named
Morris Ridge)

Morris Ridge Falls "d"
35.71755°, 93.01340°

Main drainage with Double Spigot Falls "c"
in background.

Tripet Falls "e"

Tripet Falls "e"
35.71540°, 93.01332°

Side Falls "f"
35.71447°, 93.01292°

Top of Pedestal Rocks Falls "g"

Pedestal Rocks Falls "g"
35.71422°, 93.01323°

Pedestal Rocks Falls "g"

Pool Falls "h"
35.71283°, 93.01408°


McLickerson Falls
(Pic by Patrick Caple)

Triple Spigot Falls 
35°42.570', 93°01.390'

Hogdripper Falls
(Pic by Patrick Caple)

Location Map
Driving Directions: From Russellville (I-40) take Hwy. 7 north through Dover, 35.7 miles to Hwy. 16 at Pelsor (Sand Gap). Turn right (east) on Hwy. 16, 6-miles to
the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area parking area. (Signs on Hwy.) 2.6 miles from Ben Hur.
Jasper (Downtown) take Hwy. 7 south 28.3 miles to Hwy. 16 at Pelsor (Sand Gap). Turn left (east) on Hwy. 16, 6-miles to the Pedestal Rocks
Scenic Area parking area. (Signs on Hwy.) 2.6 miles from Ben Hur.