TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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County Road 171, FR 1810 at Hwy. 7

Parking Area "A"
35.59140°, 93.10583°
(3.6 miles from Hwy. 7)

FR 1820 heading south to the Yvonne Caire place.
(This was the old Anna Page who married
S.P. "Pet" Summers place)

FR 1810 continues north

One of several dipping vats in the area.
(This was at the old Scott Page place)
(Located 100' north of Parking Area)

FR 1810
(Lot of mud holes and rough in places,
best with 4-WD or ATV, you can drive as
far as the Summers' house)

Intersection FR 1810 and road to Camping Area
35.59287°, 93.11693°

Camping Area next to Moccasin Creek
35.59381°, 93.11724°
May be on private property?

Intersection FR 1810 and road heading south
35.59320°, 93.11738°

Fenced in Standridge Cemetery
35.59265°, 93.11930°

Samuel Owen "Moccasin" Standridge
(B. Jan. 16, 1829, Illinois;  D. Jan. 16, 1905)
(Tombstone is marked wrong on birth date)
Parents: Martin Standridge and Catherine Rose Meeks.

Carolyn Dempsey Standridge
(B. 1830, Missouri; D. 1911, Augsburg)
She was the mother of 14 children.
(Tombstone marked wrong on birth & death date)

Infant grave, last name Keys?
(Parents not known)

Randy and Judy Summers' house
35.59203°, 93.12615°

35.59337°, 93.12821°

Road to Shop Bluff just past Summers' House
35.59200°, 93.12651°
(Road crosses private property)

Approaching Shop Bluff
(The overhang is larger than it looks)

Looking (north) back at Shop Bluff
35.58995°, 93.12730°
The branch next to Shop Bluff is aka
Shop Bluff Branch and Mine Hollar
(From the book Voices of Moccasin Creek)

Rocks from still furnace

Spring at base of bluff near still and waterfall
35.58857°, 93.12723°

Spring and waterfall near still.

Access from FR 1805 (Treat Road) crossing Moccasin Creek (only during low water)
or down FR 1806, CR 70, Dare Mine Road from Hwy. 7.

Crossing Moccasin Creek at Low Water Bridge
on FR 1805 (Treat Road)

35.60465°, 93.13982°

This is FR 1806 where it crosses
Moccasin Creek just above Indian Creek
and Low Water Bridge

Intersection of FR 1806 & 1810
35.60568°, 93.13517°

Parking Area "B" at Camping Area
35.60373°, 93.13785°
(FR 1810 from here to Summers' house is pretty
rough, ATV, Jeep or foot traffic only)

Parking Area "C"
35.60575°, 93.13510°

Little Still Hollow
35.60690°, 93.13383°

(On 1932 topo maps it was
called Flat Rock Hollow)

Little Still Hollow
(You can see why it used to be call
Flat Rock Hollow)

Little Still Hollow

Little Still Hollow

Little Still Hollow
The creek is this way all the way to the waterfall.

Waterfall (Dry!) at 0.8 miles
35.60533°, 93.12017°

There is an old road trace on the north side of
the hollow that you can follow back.

This is the entrance to Mine Hollow
35.60867°, 93.13285°

Found old metal tank in creek at 0.4 miles
35.61012°, 93.12625°
(Did not find much else up Mine Hollow)

Found old barrel planter next to access road
on way back to parking area.
35.60545°, 93.13650°

The Waterfalls of Page Hollow
Parking Area "D" 35.59225°, 93.06321°   Parking Area "E" 35.59953°, 93.08365°    Parking Area "F" 35.59479°, 93.10238°

WF #2
35.59433°, 93.06560°

WF #4 Page Hollow Falls 1
35.59737°, 93.06968°

WF #5 Page Hollow Falls 2
35.59721°, 93.06979°

WF #6
35.59866°, 93.07025°

WF #7
35.59893°, 93.07000°

WF #8
35.59907°, 93.06966°

WF #14
35.60272°, 93.08386°

WF #15
35.60309°, 93.09202°

WF #16
35.60250°, 93.09204°

WF #18
35.59740°, 93.10069°

WF #19
35.59795°, 93.09560°