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Project P-50, Company 1758, Organized 5/1/34 also
Project F-23, Company 745, Organized 4/1/37

Ozark National Forest Aerial Photo, GD 12-61, dated 1/4/37


White Oak Mtn. Rd. & Hwy. 27
35.62210°, 92.87638°
(aka FR 1301, CR 52 & Grapevine Road)

Parking Area (FR 93720C)
(4.9 miles from Hwy. 27)
35.59275°, 92.83485°

Parking Area behind
Lost Corner CCC Camp

Entrance Sigh

Lost Corner CCC Camp
Entrance Sign at corner of
White Oak Mtn. Rd. & FR 93720C

Road to several building sites just passed
Parking Area  35.59286°, 92.83493°

"A" 30' x 30' Foundation w/Chimney

"A" 30' x 30' Foundation w/Chimney

"A" 30' x 30' Foundation w/Chimney
35.59303°, 92.83420°

Rock Pillar next to "A"

"B" 30' x 45' Conc Slab
35.59311°, 92.83392°
(Cellar in background)

"B" Cellar

"B" Looking inside cellar

Sign next to "B" Cellar
"C" Rock Footings
35.59305°, 92.83477°
"D" 35.59341°, 92.83330°
(Middle of long building footings) 
"E" 35.59382°, 92.83292°
Small building footings)
"F" Rock Chimney w/18'x21' Foundation
35.59382°, 92.83290°
"F" Rock Chimney and Foundation
"F" Rock Chimney (No Opening?)
"G" Rock Fireplace
35.59395°, 92.83390°
"G" Names written on concrete on FP
(Earl Brown, John Humphrey, Arther Buck,
Ray Buehner, April 1935) (E.G.B., A.M.B.,
J.O.H., ?)
"G" Fireplace Box
"G" Above Fireplace Box
One of several Rock Bridges across branch
(Between "D" and "F")
Rock Stairs
Conc. Block
Hay bale "growing"
"H" 20'x25' Rock Foundation
35.59301°, 92.83535°
Topo Map of Area
Lots of these, so watch where you walk!
1936 Pope County Map

The following pictures are from:
Arkansas Civilian Conservation Corps
Pictorial Review 1933-1934 Parke-Harper Company, Little Rock, AR

Camp Lost Corner was occupied by three different Companies of CCC enrollees.  The first was Companyu 764 which spent its first 6 months enrollment period
in North Dakato from May 1933 to October 1933.  It only remained at Camp Lost Corner for one 6 month enrollment period.  The second group  was Company 1758
from May 1934 to  April 1937, and the last was Company 745 from May 1937.  Their end date is uncertian but it was definitely by the summer of 1941. 
(Copied from CCC in Pope County Arkansas papers by Michael A. Pfeiffer, 2015)


Click on the above picture and read a story of the Lost Corner Camp.