TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Lake Sylvia Recreation Area

Trail Map in the Woods

Beginning of Trail across the
road from parking area.

Lake Sylvia in the summer.

Parking Area at Trees of the Forest Trail
34.86333°, 92.81852°

Trail sign-in at parking area.

Signs at intersection of Lake Sylvia Spur
and the OT (Mile 187.3)

34.85797°, 92.81922°

Blue-Ouachita Trail
Yellow-Lake Sylvia Trail

34.85527°, 92.81612°

Mile Marker 188 OT

Sign at Lake Sylvia Trail and OT (Mile 188.7)
34.85802°, 92.80432°
(aka Chinquapin Gap)

Sign at Chinquapin Spur
34.86422°, 92.80870°

Sign at Chinquapin Loop Trail
34.86562°, 92.81233°

Sign at Wildlife Loop Trail
34.86838°, 92.81448°

Typical Sign along Wildlife Loop

Chainlink Fence
34.86982°, 92.81905°

Vista above Dam
34.87090°, 92.82095°

Heading down from Vista to Lake Sylvia Dam

Lake Sylvia Dam
34.87117°, 92.82102°

Viewing platform at Dam

Cave at Dam
34.87090°, 92.82106°

Lakeview of Dam

Old Fireplace along trail back to Trailhead

Trail/road back to Trailhead

Restrooms in camping area.