TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Gate to Private Property
(Parking Area just past gate on left)
Forest Road 95554C ends at gate

Parking Area (Room for three vehicles)
35.63027°, 94.03892°

Forest Road 95554J
Begins at Parking Area

Entrance to First Vista
35.63219°, 94.03693°

First Vista

First Vista
35.63248°, 94.03691°

Entrance to Second Vista
35.63212°, 94.03613°
(Parking and Camping Areas)

Second Vista

Second Vista
35.63243°, 94.03617°

Entrance to Third Vista
35.63226°, 94.03456°
(Parking and Camping Areas)

Third Vista

Third Vista
35.63265°, 94.03436°

Fourth Vista
35.63335°, 94.03200°
FR 95554J leading to Rock Cairns
Rock Cairns and trail to Devils Canyon Jr. Falls
35.63396°, 94.03097°
Trail to Devils Canyon Jr. Falls
First view of  Devils Canyon Jr. Falls
#1 Devils Canyon Jr. Falls
35.63470Ä, 94.03095°
(Camping area below falls)
Access Point "B" Down
to Devils Canyon Falls

35.63751°, 94.03140°
#2 Top of Devils Canyon Falls
35.63758°, 94.03488°
Below Devils Canyon Falls
Vista at "C"
35.63773°, 94.03491°
View of Devils Canyon Falls from Vista at "C"
Access Point "C" Down
to bottom of Devils Canyon Falls
35.63758°, 94.03488°
(Very steep incline)
Shelter just west of Devils Canyon Falls
(North side of canyon)
Vista at "D"
35.63587°, 94.03722°
Access Point at "D"
35.63580°, 94.03717°
Waterfall #3
35.63637°, 94.03673°
Waterfall #4
35.63507°, 94.03782°
Heading up the creek
Waterfall #5
35.63345°, 94.03598°
Heading up the creek towards
Devils Canyon Jr. Falls and out.