TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Sign on Hwy. 309

Parking Area "A"
35.23298°, 93.62880°

Entrance to Trailhead
35.23290°, 93.62852°

Trailhead & Map Box
35.23288°, 93.62835°

Cove Lake Trail Marker

View across lake at swimming area
and bathhouse.

Intersection of Lookout Window Trail and
Cove Lake Trail
35.23229°, 93.62556°

Lookout Window Trail heads uphill to
a vista on top of the mountain.

Continue straight on Cove Lake Trail.
It will intersect the Lookout Window Trail
at 0.5 miles.

Lookout Window Trail marked with blue blazes.

Vista Point
35.23368°, 93.62028°
(Hard to see view when trees have leaves on them)

Intersection of Lookout Window and Cove
Lake Trail. (Be sure to turn left here!)
35.23137°, 93.61612°

Approaching bridge #1
35.23191°, 93.61484°

Bridge #2
35.23201°, 93.61461°

Bridge #3 (The Skinny Bridge)
35.23105°, 93.61399°

Bridge #4
35.23016°, 93.61408°

Plaque on Bridge #4

Open field next to trail.
35.22952°, 93.61391°

Bridge #5
35.22897°, 93.61470°

Fence corner. Trail follows fence for a short distance.
35.22755°, 93.61605°

Rock Pile
35.22446°, 93.61661°

Bridge #6 (The Long Bridge)
35.22195°, 93.61629°

First view of lake from west end.

A very bent tree!
35.22193°, 93.62078°

End of trail at park road.......
35.22381°, 93.62269°
(Cross road and trail begins again and follows lake)

Follow along lake shore....

Access Point near Boat Ramp....
35.22737°, 93.62531°

Boat Ramp

Head east along park road to Bathhouse
(Trail picks up again on west side near
Miniature Golf Area)

Public Swimming Area

View of swimming area and lake looking north.

Canoe, kayak and miniature golf rental.


Miniature Golf

Trail begins again next to Miniature Golf.
35.22940°, 93.62693°
(Trail follows lake to highway)

View from trail looking back at swimming area.

Trail comes out at this intersection.
35.23073°, 93.63052°

Entrance to park sign.
35.23088°, 93.63072°

Head north back to Parking Area "A"

Looking east across lake.

Spillway on west side of highway.

Parking Area "A"

Spillway Bridge