TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Cabin Falls Trailhead

Why did the hikers cross the road...?

...to get their picture made!

Heading "DOWN" into the hollow...

Carleigh and Heidi

Did I mention "DOWN"?

Rusty entertained the girls....


One of several side waterfalls

We crossed this creek, many, many times!

Greg almost made it across the creek...
did I say "almost"!!!!

Michele had the right idea....get your
feet wet at the start....


Heidi takes a dip...
we have a video on Facebook

She said it was cold...but who really knows for sure?

Time for lunch at Four-Finger Falls

I think Michael needs some new boots!

Rusty finds a natural tree chair...

Winter Hollow Falls

Hiking under Gap Falls

We decided to take a "shortcut"
BAD IDEA......!!!!

Rusty finds an old iron wheel....

Arriving at the END.....yeah!