TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Fort Douglas to Haw Creek Campground

Fort Douglas Trailhead for the OHT

Ready to start....

Valli makes the first cut...

Small saw job....
We have a new member.....Harley

Half way and so far its been good

Endangered or not?

This part of the OHT is used a lot....


The Haw Creek Gang
We met Karen from Austin who was doing the
whole OHT in 10 days....

We finished at Haw Creek Falls

Haw Creek

Kathy, Harley and Ray

There were a lot of old cars at the campgrounds today?

We were told that seven couples from seven
States meet each year and bring their old cars
and tour the area.

What a neat idea...

They were headed to several places while in the area
....you might have seen them on a backroad somewhere?

We hated to leave, but we had to head back to
Fort Douglas Trailhead

A nice addition to this tree other than the OHT

We cleaned the trail coming and going....

When we got back to Fort Douglas, Karen was there getting
ready to hit the next ten miles...

...but we invited her to go with us to Pam's
Grotto and she agreed to go

Not much water today

Karen had heard of Pam's Grotto from Tim's Book, which
she was using his guidebook to follow the OHT

Heading back out....

...and found a green snake along the way...

Karen from Austin was quite interesting to talk to...

She was doing the entire OHT solo, she took off
work for a year to do this trail and several others
across the United States, wow!!!

Nice shirt

Chancel Spur to FR 1209

The Chancel Gang....plus me!

Our first downed tree, located on the Hurricane
Creek Wilderness Area, we let it be....

Some of the downed trees we were able to remove

We relocated Mile Marker 118

We passed by many Mile Markers on the OHT

This was a big one....we are saving it for the

One of several downed trees

We had lunch at Elizabeth Creek


Back to work

It was a perfect weather day today

US at the Famous Rock

Blaise tried two different positions,
neither worked.

Judy had no problem at all...the Hodges Tree

Chris made it, I didn't...!!!

Our last tree to cut

After 20 years doing this area, we were able to
shuttle a vehicle to our get out place, it saved us
1.5 miles of hiking out....YEAH!

There were a lot of folks at Chancel, don't know
where they went, we never saw anyone.