TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Moccasin Gap Trails

We started off in a slight rain and fog

Headed out to our adventure

The trails are actually old roads

We are in search of an old still

...and we found it

...and found a bucket with a hole in it

Danny telling Nathan about old stills


The site of the old still

There were a bunch of old barrel rings, stove pipes,
an old coffee pot, and a rock outline

This is Turtle Shell Falls

Notice the turtle shell...thus the name Turtle Shell Falls

In search of the next waterfall

Un-named waterfall

Heidi lets her hair down....watch out now!

Rusty telling one of his many jokes...

David getting ready to take a picture of a waterfall

Chris found a sign the same color of his shirt

Stave Mill Falls sign...

Stave Mill Falls

Danny and Debbi at Stave Mill Falls

Steve getting high...on a rock!

Edd trying to get a better shot

Don't know what Debbi said, but it was no good?
Or maybe she caught herself in time...?

We almost lost Heidi

Nathan doing what he likes to do best...

Lunch time....

Little Oak Falls

We cross several creeks, several times....



A nice waterfall below, but hard to get to.....
We left the creek and now uphill......
I am wondering what Jill thinks of this part...?
This was a nice site to see....
These girls are up to something....maybe a quick trip to Jasper
and the Ozark Cafe?
Chris putting Charlie (his dog) to bed...Charlie was one
tired puppy, as were several of us!
David looking at one of Eric's calendars....
they were very well done.
Map of our hike today.