TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Getting there is half the fun....

Map of The Bluffs of Long Ridge

This is a far as we can go...time to hike!

TAKAHIK at The Bluffs of Long Ridge

Inside The Tunnel

Kristin taking a "micro" picture of
a centipede....

A narrow passageway

A few tight places in The Tunnel

Heading up to The Point

Photo editing or ording pizza...
I would like it to be the last thing!

Todd and TJ in The Ppont

We did this several places, we are not
too proud either....

Edd up about The Point

Todd climbing down from The Point

Lunch time, rest time!

I bet Rusty is thinking about a joke
he wants to tell!

Heading back out.....

...and we all made it.

Back at Cowell Cemetery and time to
check underneath our vehicles....

I did a nose dive....

Rusty did a tail dive....

It was a great day to explore a new place.....