TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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I said I would not do this again....(said that last
Saturday) and here I go again...!!!!!!
with Steve Hern, Ray Allen and Glen Pagan.

Arriving at Parking Area (Ponca Low Water Brdg.)
Danny Hale and Julian Clark

Hiking up the steep Buffalo River Trail

We would rest a few times before we got to the top

The sink hole on the BRT

Inside the sink hole....

Inside looking out....

Steve looking for more sink holes

Julian (JB) standing at the top of
The Chimnney

We found The Chimney

Climbing up to the bottome of
The Chimney and a cave

This was not easy....climbing up to the bottom of
The Chimney, the bear and a cave...found everything
except the bear!

The rocks were slick and loose...

We think this is where the bear was on Saturday
that Scott saw...he (she) was gone today!

Another steep climb up to the cave...

This cave goes in and turns to the right...

Making our way south...

JB traversing the hillside...

This is steeper than it looks..

You grab whatever you can to keep from sliding

Glen trying to find a way down and then back up

With our backs to the bluff we had no where to go
but DOWN!
The bluff line in the background, is where we
were headed.

Heading up to the base of the tall bluff

200 ft. bluff at Leatherwood Creek

Lunch time at the bluff

You can barely see Ray at the base of
the 200 ft. bluff

After the bluff climb we headed down to
Leatherwood Creek Falls

Leatherwood Creek Falls

Under the grotto at Leatherwood Creek Falls

Our group today: Danny Hale, Julian Clark,
Glen Pagan, Ray Allen and Steve Hern

JB way over there under the bluffs at
Leatherwood Creek Falls

Looking back at Leatherwood Creek Falls

Rock bed formations on Leatherwood Creek

Nice log...!!!!!

Ray in a beech tree

Looking down Leatherwood Creek with us way
down there..

Getting close to the Parking Area

Crossing the Ponca Low Water Bridge and near our
vehicles... we found most of what we were looking
for....not the bear however.  Thanks to Julian Clark
for his help in some of our finds...