TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Ponca Low Water Bridge

29 ready to tackle Leatherwood Creek

...and off we go

Leatherwood Creek

WF #5 Capstone Falls
(A sandstone boulder on top of a
limestone waterfall)

WF #4

John and Lynn


We had a little one with us today.....

WF #12

WF #17

Looking upsteam at WF #17

WF #17 with Eddie

Arriving at WF #19
Leatherwood Creek Falls

The beginning of perhaps another
Glory Hole?

WF#19 Leatherwood Creek Falls
(David Berger Pic)

Now to head up above WF #19 and lunch

Above WF #19

Above WF #19

Now for our mad march up the steep hillside...

A 200 ft. bluff in the background

WF #20 and Carleigh

WF #20
An amazing waterfall that was hidden behind
the bluff in a scouped out canyon...
you had to be there to see how magnificent it was!

WF #20 in the background

Scott was climbing up there, looking for a way
out and rounded the corner and saw a bear in a
cave...the bear turned around and looked at him
so Scott decided to leave well enough alone!

We finally made it up on top of the bluff...
it was a very tough climb....indeed!

We hiked over to the Buffalo River Trail
for our hike back....this is one of the sinkholes
in the area.....

This is a vista overlooking Boxley Valley
There are actually elk down there if you
look real close!

Arriving back....

These ladies took a shortcut back....

I think this is how most of us felt after this hike!
Map of our journey.....