TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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John sometimes wears shorts in the winter, but
this is ridiculous!

Our group ready for an adventure and
a BIG workout!

It didn't take long to find some water...
however, this water was a bit fozen!

Nick likes to ice skate...we have video too!

The ledges above Dismal Hollow Falls

A large waterfall across the hollow

A closer look....

Survey Monument in the middle of nowhere

Waterfall #3

Dee getting comfortable

Flint and Steve

If you find a log in the woods...use it!

Arriving at the bottom of the Bear Crack

We all made it up and out....

We had lunch on top of the Bear Crack.
Doug's wrapper flew off and he tried to catch it...
we stopped him before he went over the cliff...
a few seconds later, it came back!
It is true, we don't litter!

Waterfall #7

If you were out of water, this would be the
place to refill your water bottle.

Sabrina it sure taking a chance...!

Illuminated ice hoodoo's

Something hidden up there?

Here goes Dee again....!!!!

Inside Dismal Shelter

Someone has been digging in this shelter?

Finally making out way up and out....

We met Allen Smith coming in as we were
going out.....

Dee would sleep good tonight!
So would the rest of us!

Making our way back on the road...felt good!

Map of our journey - 6 miles