TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Gunner Pool to Blanchard (5.0 Miles)

Ready to get started after driving for 2-hours

Gunner Pool Rec. Area

Seeing our first waterfall....

.....yep, we will be using our imagination today!

That is actually a pedestal down there!

Can you find Tonya in this picture?

Part of this trail is along old roads....now to get
back into the woods.....

Sisco was our leader today.

More road and this was all uphill....!

The woods were thick today, it was a bit hot
so we took a few rest stops along the way.

This is how thick it was.....but we were glad
at least we were on a trail today!

Another rest stop....

Appears to be a boundary marker?

That is Sisco way up there, checking to
make sure the bridge is safe to cross.

This bridge might need a little maintenance
before long?

We finally got back down to Sylamore Creek.

Sisco stayed in the water for a LONG time!

Time to find a spot for lunch.

Steve found his spot...

Dunn and Mary found theirs too...

This was a cool spot too....

Carleigh provided our entertainment on the trail...
Click here for Video

David and Billie in the background.

Making sure we are not lost!


Gloria and Brenda

Carleigh was finished, so it was time to move on.


That is John and Hugh, way back there!

The trail along Sylamore was the best part....

I think we found our first "wild animal"?

A memorial to Trooper Jimmie White

More road to hike....

What is left of an old homestead site...

A two-seater outhouse.....

We have hiked 3-miles, 2 more to go....

Arriving at Blanchard

I think most of us were glad...?

I think Cady was glad too....

We would now have to go back to Gunner Pool
to get our shuttled vehicles then on to Mt. View

Mt. View and the courthouse is where
most of the action was today....

Now sure these ladies were too impressed?
One was sleeping, one was on her iphone?

However, there were plenty of folks out today.

If you made it to the courthouse, you had
to be good....?

There were big groups and then there were small
groups playing....

Plenty of vendors too...

Time to get something COLD to drink

We looked for Connie and Darwin....
but didn't find them set up anywhere?

It was time to get serious and find a place to eat!

This would not be it, but it sure looked good!

This is the place we were looking for.....

It didn't take us long to get in and get started.

Lila got mushroom fajitas

John got what I will get next time...?
Chicken, beef and rice.

However, it was all good, so it didn't really matter.
John was not happy with CNN on the TV's
so he had the management change
the channel! Yikes!
Lila snuck in her lemonade.

We went through a few bowls of chips and salsa

We look this place....
Done eating, now time to go listen to some
good ole music....
...and maybe pick up one of these hats?
They were all good....
Click for Video
Still flying high....
Groups everywhere....
Having a good ole time
Losts of talent
This girl was really good....she is on the video above..
John was singing along with all the different groups...
hope he didn't disturb them..?
It was a good time at the 55th Annual
Folk Festival....hated to have to leave...but
We said bye to the turkey and made our way out of town.
We stopped in Shirley to see this old railroad
bridge that is now used for traffic.....neat.
Stopped in Clinton to get ice cream
and take a few more pictures....
...and we found Bigfoot....
...and this old Chevy truck...