TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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SHOP BLUFF 2/18/17

Arriving at the trailhead, or so to speak......

Our group for the day

We started right off by doing a little bushwhacking

A dipping vat at the old Scott Page Homestead

There were many mud holes, many!

Crossing Moccasin Creek

Now time for real hiking and real boots

We hope these are still here when we return!

Lindsey and Sonya's three dogs...

One of three....beautiful dogs.

Not a  bad creek crossing, but still a creek...

Laughing after you cross is a good sign....!

It's all about "style" when crossing!


Some mud holes were small....

Some were large...

Samuel Owen "Moccasin" Standridge
1/16/1829-1/16/1905 (Wrong dates on marker)

Standridge Cemetery
One other grave of a child with the
 last name of Keys (?)

Carolyn Dempsey Standridge
1830-1911 (Wrong dates on marker)

Passing behind the Summer's cabin....
You have to go through their property to get
to Shop Bluff....

Lindsey always finds the good seats....

Arriving at Shop Bluff

Leaving Shop Bluff and headed to the still

Lydia always takes the easy route....!

Everyone thought we were through crossing
creeks....not just yet!

Looking for a different crossing....

The waterfall used to cool the still....

One of two springs that Thomas Page used
for his still.....

Kaiden checking out the copperas spring

Looking for the silver mine that is mentioned.....
in The Voices of Moccasin Creek

Nope, didn't find it...

Hugh knew a lot of history of the area....

Wasn't much left to do, so we......

...we decided to eat lunch.

....and talk a spell

....and talk a spell

After John and Chris explored above the waterfall....

...it was time to head back.

.....and so we did!

Some of the mud holes were hard to get around.

Back down FR 1810.....

When you cross a creek, be sure to take your boots
off.....and then dip them in the creek....
way to go Lydia!

Sonya and her three dogs....

Moccasin Creek one more time...!

It is easier to cross, if you bend over?

...and more fun if you stop and play in it!

The water felt good this time....yeah right!

Not one person fell today....kind of disappointing!!

Hugh didn't even get his pants wet...!

Kaiden taking one last look at the last mud hole.

Made it back without a problem....except
for those that wore shorts, sorry for all
the briars......

If you haven't read the book...you can find
it at the Pope County Library.