TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Parking on Hwy. 123 to begin our hike....

Heading down to Valley of the Blind

Found some rock climbers down there...

...or way up there!

Us at Valley of the Blind

Rock face almost looks like the State of Arkansas

Our first tunnel....

Had to stop Elizabeth or she would have climbed
out of site....

Some amazing bluffs

...and yet another tunnel

Our first look at Sam's Throne across the way
One of the bigger caves
Found an old relic in the cave...!!!!!
Dana, Rob and Kathy
Another shelter
Taking a "shortcut" up and out from below the bluffs
Stopped back by our vehicles....
Now headed along the top of the bluffs to
Chickenhead Access
Danny point to where we just came from....
Dana, James, Lila and Joe
Rob and Dana....they will be leading a
hike here next Saturday
Linda and her crew
Mike, Linda, David and Carleigh
Met a lady and her dog along the way
James and Rob
Lila is always smiling
Our next view of Sam's Throne
James...headed to Haiti next week
Looking for a place out of the wind to eat lunch
Linda found a nice quiet and un-windy place
Some just enjoyed the sunshine
It had been pretty roughed so-far....ready for
the "easy" part of the hike?
Carleigh kept us entertained with her "jokes"
I disturbed Elizabeth from her nap!
Carleigh had a lot to share today....
it was a lot of fun...thanks Carleigh
Us with Sam's Throne in the background
Us with their backs turned to me....
a fellow could get his feeling hurt?
Down the Dog-Walk
...and through our first Bear Crack
If Steve can get through, everyone
can do it...!

Brenda headed to Sam's Throne
Cave under Chickenhead Access
Someone disfiguring the bluffs below Sam's Throne
This is where all the rock climbers were today
....so we thought we would take our turn
We had to wait in line to take our turn

Finally on top....

Elizabeth taking a nap again.....!

The sun felt good today

Watching rock climbers

Rock climbers

Carleigh was a busy little girl

She was quite good....

Us on top of Sam's Throne

When you go up, you have to go down

Dana and Rob waiting their turn

We forgot about Gary and John????

Linda didn't even use the rope

Once all were down, it was time to head
back to our vehicles

....the last part was a steep climb up the old road.
(This was my last picture....memory card was full)

Map of our adventure