TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Somebody is ready to GO....!

The Rough Hollow Gang

Wish we had lots of rain this rain...but NO!

First creek crossing

Big Rock Falls...no water....

Big Rock Falls from above

The recent storm made a mess....

Trigg Falls

Us at Trigg Falls...where is David Trigg?

Yep, we need to go.....

Rat Snake Falls

Below Rat Snake Falls


Who is right on this crossing?

Another mess from the storm

The Slots at  Rough Hollow

I think someone is "thinking" about going
down the slots......?????

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We had four ladies go first....Tristan went last....

...and yes, they said it was COLD!

Arriving at Rough Falls

Paula couldn't resist.....

A tree  hugger.....

Lunch time

Monica was checking how deep it was....

In the sun, trying to dry out...!

Jill next

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She almost made it

Linda actually makes it....

I think they have seen enough today...?

A good day in the woods, even with no water!
Ah, but we found water, just not in the waterfalls!