TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Crossing Hurricane Creek

Crossing Rock Creek

Well, some of us crossed Rock Creek!

Now up to the Holy Rock

Our group for the day....at the Holy Rock

....and now on up to the bluffline.

We will soon be way about that.....!

Chris was our "spotter" for the day.
He would make sure all got through....

....and David would make sure we
could get through....

....and so we did.

I think Scott was looking for Eddie (his dog)

Lots of rock climbing areas here

How about climbing this?

Still hiking below the lower bluffline

Several of these....the idea is to add
one rock each time you pass....we did!
The next person is going to have fun.

Take a closer look.....yikes!

Heading down to Rock Creek Bluff Falls

There was actually a little water.....and it felt
good on this HOT February day....
It got up to 82° today!

Love Steve's new hat.....

After refreshing ourselves....we headed up
and out and onward.....

One of the many grottos....

A beech tree that really had to struggle to find
the sunshine.....but it was doing just that!

Another beech tree, struggling....

This is one way to get up above, but we will
skip this access today......

We found the Climbing Pedestal

....and what do you do at a Climbing Pedestal?
You climb it!

It was now time to eat and rest before going
up to the Upper Bluffline.....
Rusty and Nellie

Scott and Christina, where's Eddie?

Nice shirt.....

Debbi and Jill

Front view....

We will heading up that........yikes again!

But first, Yuko needed to cool down....!

Looking back down....this is pretty steep!
Headed for the Upper Bluffline

Lila, boycotting half way up....!

Almost up to the first bench.....more climbing to go.

Trees and rocks made a good place for resting...
of course Gloria kept going!

We are headed to Potbelly Rock

Inside Wedged-In that included
Slot Canyon Falls in the back

Looking at Wedged-In from inside

Indian pictographs inside Wedged-In
(Yeah, right!)

Rock Creek Cave

Next will be Cougar Grotto

Not sure why they call this Cougar Grotto...?

Maybe they just saw one?

I think we just lost our 20%.....?

Now on back east following the bluffline

Chris was rocking this rock, as we were coming
around the corner.....we had no idea what it was!

A little more water and ice and this
sliver of bluffline will be coming off....?

More of the Upper Bluffline rocks.....

The Watchtower

We are now heading down to Rock Creek....
there are people in this picture.

We found Eddie

Gloria and Chris

Yuko looking through this beech tree.....

Finally making it down to Rock Creek

This (light colored) rock is suspended (wedged)
on this large boulder....amazing.

Rock hopping down Rock Creek

Wonder why they call this Rock Creek?

It was quite a maze of rocks and slots that
you had to make your way through.....

...and a few tight squeezes...

We were all wanting to do this....

Rusty was bragging about not falling
all day....well, he quite bragging after he hiked
through this area....!!!!!!

We made it back......now time to refresh ourselves

It was time to hit the creek....

Okay, shoes off.....

Lila took it a step further....!!!!!

I was glad Lila was not riding with me!

I don't think anyone wanted to leave this spot.

Now time for a little water splashing....

...and time to leave.

This is the only way we could control Lila....

A few last photos and we said goodbye to
a great day to be in the Arkansas Ozarks

Bye, until next time!