TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Sign on Hwy. 16

Pedestal Rocks & Beyond

Map of the area to explore today

Several Happy Rocks at Pedestal Rocks today

Our Adventure Group today

We start out on the trail

We exit the trail at The Natural Bridge

Exploring under the Bridge

Our first cave.....
at Cave Rock

I keep telling our folks to make sure
their boots are tied.......

Yet another cave....

At some point we cannot keep up with
how many caves we explored today

Top of one of many pedestals

Steve trying to climb this pedestal...
So how far did he go?

There was still a little color today

The Large Grotto

Todd managed to get behind the rock jamb
to explore the back part of The Large Grotto

Todd and Brittany

This cave opens up into the
The Large Grotto from The Double

This is inside The Double

The Double

The Double


#17 Pedestal

The Uppers


Carleigh point out another opening in the cave

Could this be a face....?

John and Eddie
(They were going to show some dance
moves but I spoiled it)

The Silhouette Room

John and Heidi

Hanging tassels

Brittany taking a shortcut

Chris up in #24 The Red Heart Tunnel

Brittany gives Carleigh her
Takahik t-shirt that she had outgrown.

Just left The Famous Pedestal and now on
to our harder bushwhack

Heading over the hill to a hidden cave

Marianne once again came up from Louisanna
to hike and camp......

#38 Cave

Exploring the area of #38 Cave and
a bed and old still

Checking out the old fire pit where all
the metal was found

Now heading over to Rock Patio #36

Us on Rock Patio #36

New found pedestal cave.....

Now back below the Kings Bluff Loop

Shelter #7 below Kings Bluff Loop

Now heading back up the hill to the trail

Made it to the Kings Bluff Loop trail

What's up Carleigh?

Back at the parking lot and Steve shows up
how it was.....!!!!!!

By the time we got finished the parking area was
full of cars .........it was a great day for exploring.