TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Parker Ridge Road

Thirty-one ready to go....

Up the road to the entrance of the bluffs

We start off with a little climb....

Entrance to the Bear Crack

Coming out of the Bear Crack

The next Bear Crack will be a tight squeeze

This is the other Bear Crack....

Harder to get out of too...

Olivia and Paula

Mr. Vic...

Inside one of the many caves

Bird nest

Nancy and Nate

James and Cady

White Rock Cave

Inside White Rock Cave

A view of the bluffs.....

Lunch Time

Vic and Edd

Anothe Cave

David found his own cave....

Jeff at one of the entrances to The Big Room

Debbi likes to climb

...and she likes to get down too!

Jill and Debbi in The Big Room

This is an amazing room indeed!

Inside the last big grotto and cave

Ray helping the girls up and through the hole

The Chair Grotto

Bluffs of Parker Ridge Road

 The owner of adjoining property
met us as we were leaving
Map of The Bluffs of Parker Ridge Road