TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Chuck's house to load up...

Our first shuttle stop at Hwy. 27

Our second shuttle stop on Hwy. 298

Our third shuttle stop at Hwy. 7

This is where we will begin our hike....

The Three Amigos hit the Ouachita Trail


Mile 160 ( We  will be hiking the route "backwards")

Moonshine Shelter to the right.....

Mile 159

Not stopping here, we have a long ways to go (Chuck and Tony)

Danny and Tony

Mile 158

Crossing over our first bridge

Mile 157

What a beautiful day.....

Since I am the camera person...a lot of selfies

Mile 156

Water break

My rig (Danny)

Heading up the rocky steep part

Mile 155

Almost half way to our shelter

Mile 154

Another rest stop (it was perfect weather on Friday)

Mile 153

Following an old road

Mile 152

I can't believe the trail builders moved all these rocks!

Mile 151

Our shelter just ahead

That is Big Bear Shelter on the creek

Arriving at our sleeping headquarters

Tony got here and now he has leg cramps

Big Bear Shelter along the creek

The Three Amigos at Big Bear Shelter

Tony's pain has put him in bed.....

Chuck hung his hammock inside the shelter (Rain tonight)

Our creek and a foot bridge down the way.....

A fire, supper, dark and off to sleep.....

Our table....for breakfast

It was kind of miserable sleeping, cold windy and now
the forecast is rain, rain, rain..

It was going to be 12-miles to Tony's truck on Hwy. 298...
It was beginning to rain....so we decided to head back the way we came

It would turn out to be a wise decision.....
We did get rained on, on the way back, but when we finished
the bottom fell out of the sky and it was turning very cold.

Our rain gear......

Not pretty, but it kept the rain out....

The trail was lined with this kind of moss....nice!

It quit raining long enough to stop, rest and drink

One more selfie

The rainsuit was nice and kept the rain off...
however, it was the "sweat" that got me wet!

We made it back.....

We arrived back at the trailhead at Hwy. 7....
Instead of doing 40 miles in three days, we did 20 miles
in two days......

The OT was fun...wish the weather would have been fun....!!!!!
At least it was nice on Friday.....we will return and finish?