TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Out stop at Rotary Ann reveiled a lot of
Walking Sticks.....last week the place was
covered up as well!

Buck Branch was no problem to cross today!

Heading up Chancel Spur to the OHT

Why do folks do this?

Arriving at the OHT

It didn't take us long to get to work!

David will know next time to not volunteer
to carry the saw......!!!!!

Carleigh doing her thing!
She was really a hard worker.

Annabelle Branch was slick today!

Carleigh brought her "Joke" book today.
The riddles were hard too!

More work on the trail.....

Us at The Famous Rock

Carleigh made it though the Hodges Tree

...and Ray too!

....and of course Gloria!

That is Carleigh back there!

This was a big mess and a reroute



Made to FR 1209

All done, now the walk out!

Back at vehicles and now home!