TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We were met at the Visitors Center by
a smiley face.....

Our foggy hikers group for the day.
It was amazing: at Havana it was 43°, on top of
the mountain it was 54°......go figure?

Man's best friend......loves his owner!

We were ready for anything today.....
rain or shine (no shine today!)

We were making a pretty good pace....

Make it to Dill Creek in record time....

Hadn't gone 10 minutes and Elizabeth
was already looking for something to eat!

Our view off the first vista (looking north, if it
even mattered?)

Vista lookout....? Not today!

We kept hoping we would see something!

We were lucky to even see the signs....

First intersection.....

Crossing the highway and headed to Signal Hill

No time to talk....cars coming....

Another highway crossing and up the hill

First the Hill, next the Lodge

Guess what so far?  NO RAIN!

Highest point in Arkansas....2753'

New sign since the last time here....

Grid North, True North, Magnetic North

Heidi's Senior Collection

Amanda and Elizabeth

Patti, Donna and Morgan


Our foggy gang today

Shortcut to the Lodge

Glad they had a sign out.....we might not have
been able to find our eating place!

Getting across another highway.....tough hiking!

Almost there......


Bear Den sign and the Famous Tree

Waiting to get in for lunch.....

Not sure Heidi and Gloria are going to make it?

I think they called our number....

Will she, or will she not, eat all of this?

Healthy eating...of course this was Brenda's!

So who needs to eat healthy?

Heidi did this....she needs to go work
on a cruise ship!

Okay, lunch is over......

Bear and Bayer

We got bundled up...and out the door!

John thought it was Spring...he was close...
by the time we got back to our car it was 61°

We may lose a few on the way back....

One more highway crossings....

Donna, Morgan and Patti

Moose Head tree..

The whole gang behind the forked tree....

The North Face and the North Face of John

Now we get to hike "in" the highway!

Almost to the end.

Yep, got 'em back, one more time!

By the time we got back, the fog had left the
mountain top and it was 61°......