TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Not a good way to start of hike.....

Arriving at Fern Gully

The Fern Gully Gang

Getting down into Fern Gully

Steep but doable

The creek was up and running today....

There was even a waterfall.....

The first part of Fern Gully had a marked trail....

....but after awhile, we were on our own.

We would climb up and down to get to some of
the neat rock features.

This we named "Bubba Cave"
We found some "bubba teeth" here a few years ago.

These are the bubba teeth we found in 2007.

There were rock climber areas everywhere.

Someone is looking for Rusty?

Lots of cracks and crevices

....and a bunch we had to climb through

Lots of fun for some of us....?

We had a friend come out and greet us....

When it started drizzling we, ground an overhang
to get under....

Lots of passageways

and spider traps

and thong trees

This is why they call this Fern Gully, or maybe not?

Waiting for folks to catch up....
wherever they are?

....another passageway

...and even more....
Sometimes we got up high and wondered how
to get down?

Nathan had a good time....I think?

This tree was amazing...it had fallen years ago, up
against a rock...then it sprouted a branch that
finally grew into a large limb.....

Squirrel Head Tree

Tree holding up this large rock bluff...

One of several times to cross the creek

Looking up the creek

...lots of rock hopping to get across

Looking up at some rock climbers

Watching the rock climbers

One of the rock climbers

The Bear Crack

Bottom of The Bear Crack

Looking down into Fern Gully

Made it out just in time for lunch

Yep, lunch time....

Sonya's dogs had special treatment,
eating with a spoon

We did a little mudding on the way out....

The fog beat us to White Rock Mt.

At the trailhead

Not going to be much to see off the mountain today

The White Rock Mt. Gang

Thanks for the reminder

Hiking along the White Rock Rim Trail

OHT intersection

Would not want to hike this trail in the dark

The rock bluffs were amazing
One of several water fountains?
More of the bluffs
The old spring
This shelter is being re-done....very nice.
View from the shelter
Crossing the road on the west side and the
wind began to blow and it was getting cooler.
Another shelter
another bluff
Sign on rock bench at The Point
The shelter at The Point
There were many location arrows on the rock wall
The last shelter
One last look at some of the bluffs
Back at the parking area, I think?
Well, our timing was not too good today...
maybe next time we will be able to enjoy the
view off of the mountain.