TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at parking area.....

Starting out a little cold today.....

Now on down to the vistas overlooking
Devils Canyon

Entrance to Devils Canyon
(We were met with a sign?) (Do we go or not?)

Map of Devil's Canyon Special Interest Area

Stopping at one of the vistas
(I can tell pictures today area going to
have shadows)

Almost to our turn point...

This is where you turn to go downunder....

We took the tunnel route...sorry flash did not work!

A tight squeeze getting through the tunnel

Around a few boulders and on our way to
Devils Canyon Jr. Falls

Steve can hike and take pictures at the same time!

Devil's Canyon Jr. Falls

Getting here was the "easy" part.....now onward

Dana doing a quick recovery.....

We made it over and around and now down to
Devil's Canyon Falls

A rock in the tree....point the way....

Almost to the top of the falls....no water today!

Steve on top of Devil's Canyon Falls

Bushwhackers Shelter

Got the rope tied off, now down the steep
hill that goes down below Devil's Canyon Falls

I am glad I brought the rope today....!

It was pretty steep....believe me!

...and yes we all made it down!

We were heading way down there!

Back upstream is Devil's Canyon Falls...
we decided since there was no water, we
would head downstream.

Some went the hillside route, some went down
the creek.....both were not easy!

Slow but steady we went!

We "slid" a lot today....up and down...
back and forward.....

YES, this was a bushwhack....!!!!

We were now looking for a sunny spot
to have lunch.

We found the sun and a stack of rocks....
must be the right spot?

Another pretty neat rock stack....

We ate quick and headed upstream

WF #5

Looking down at WF #5

A nice tunneled rock formation

Would not want to do this is the summer!!!!!

This should be called "Rock Creek"?

Heading upstream towards Devil's Canyon Jr. Falls

This is called "rock scrambling"

Now back to the tunnel and out....

Entrance to the rock tunnel

Inside the tunnel...flash still not working.

Making out way out....and up!

Coming out of the tunnel

Lindsey looks like he has been beat up?
Or maybe he is going to beat me up?

Yuko made it....

Linda made it....

Dana and Rob make it out....

Carleigh made it out....and this is the way
most of us felt....!!!!

We all made it, so now to hike back out and
up to our vehicles.

You can drive most of the way if you have
a high clearence vehicle....

Our welcome sign was still in place....

Carleigh wins the prize today....she was an
amazing little hiker.....

Our "sweeper" Glen

Now time to hit the road and find something
good to eat....we are all hungry!!!!!