TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at a new Twin Falls Trailhead
(Searcy County Line)

Ready to tackle the wilderness!

The first part was down an old road along the
top of a ridge.....

...and don't foget to turn at the rock cairns.....

The second part was a scramble down the rocky
hillside to the top of Twin Falls.

Lila was not sure what she had gotten
herself in to....we didn't either!

...but we made it and the photo opt begins.

David was the first to get set up.....

David's shot in the bright sunshine today!

It didn't take us long to get aquainted
with Twin Falls

Tim was wishing he had brought Kip....?

Glen, our official "sweeper" did a good job
making sure everyone made it....

The falls were nice today....!

All are down now onward....

So how do you get to the other side....
of course, you hike under the waterfalls.

Bill checking it out to make sure we could make
it under, without getting wet....yeah sure!

I think we have some jumpers?

I believe we do.....
(Pic by Eddie Vollman)
We do have video too.

It didn't take them long to get out of the water....

Hey Brenda, the waterfall is behind you!

It was our turn....

We made it around to Richland Falls
and lunch time.

Man, it was perfect today....

Can you tell we were enjoying the

...and I think this guy just proposed to his girlfriend?

...and I take that as a YES!

Back to us across the creek....

Loud lunch talk!

Oops, it is time to go, Tim is getting restless!

Back at Twin Falls....anyone else want to jump?

We were not thinking about our climb out.....just yet!

Time to go back under Twin Falls

...and yes is was a little wet.

Heading up out of Twin Falls

Does this look steep? It was!

Make it to the top of the first bench.

Some rested a little more than others!

Dan found a peaceful rock.....

It was hard getting everyone up and to begin
out next climb.  But we did.

Yuko was ready, she is always ready.

Climbing is so much fun!

But we make it back.....

It felt good to sit....on a soft seat.

Sammy was glad to get in his dog box....he was one
tired puppy!!!!!

We will soon not forget this hike.....
but it was worth it!

Until we meet again!