TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Blanchard Trailhead

Ready to hike....

.....so off we go.

....and we are glad!

Perfect day for hiking....

Perfect hikers, perfect trail .......

Yep.....it was everywhere!

Butterweed (Maybe?)



Golden Alexanders

Fire Pink

3 more miles to go

The girls are wanting to move on.....

....and I think I will let them move on!

First creek crossing....no water shoes yet!

Another creek crossing, still no water shoes....

Two more miles to Allison.

A beautiful trail and scenery

....hard to get lost on this trail.

This is our lunch spot....no water today!

Time to set up for a quick lunch and rest.....

....and a few shots

No one was really hungry....saving it for supper
in Mt. View....

Well, time to move on....

...but first a group shot.

...and maybe a shot or two of Paula!

...and James and Joe

I thought we were going, but maybe not?

Okay, finally got them moving again.

James was scouting for a shortcut....
but it was not that way!

Someone is Footloose!

1-mile to Allison

Made to some really neat bluffs....

.....now to get the rest of the ladies up here!

For the "Girls Shot"

....more bluffs

It's hard to be a leader....when no one follows!

1/2 mile to Allison

Paula finally found a place to climb....!

Reminds me of Hemmed-In Hollow

Like to be here when the water is flowing!

Some might big grottos in this area!

Almost time for "water shoes"!

These are the steps leading to our crossing!

Yuko tests the crossing...
if she goes under, we are all in trouble!

Time for Cindy and Donna....
can you tell by Cindy's face, that the water
is COLD?

Some go two by two!

Some go solo!

Right before the plunge!

Can you tell by Joe's face, he just took
a plunge!  He did.

Yep, he's soaked!

More getting ready....!

Now back on with the hiking boots!

Lace them up and lets go....

We left some behind, so we could go
 get our vehicles.

Back.....now to Mt. View

A few pictures of the Folk Festival

We even fould Darwin set up with his fiddles...
he will sell you one!

Music and food everywhere!

Lila could not wait for supper....!

We found one of the millstones from
Richland Creek?

They were playing celtic music

Guess what Lila just had?
(It was cold and icy and RED)

Okay, we can't stand all the great smells of
the vendors......

....so off we go to eat some real food!

If you like mexican food, this is the place to eat!

It was time to get serious on this hiking trip!

These folks never got serious....!
Well the guys did!
The girls, not so much!

It was now time for dessert.....

....or maybe one of thses?

One of those guys looks familiar?

Yep, that's Mike
He had been playing so long, his
fingers were getting sore....but did that
stop him? NOPE!

This girl was an amazing singer....
She won the talent contest.....

There were cloggers.....

....and more cloggers

....and audience participants dancing.
And a singing sheriff

....and singing groups everywhere....

....and some pretty neat signs!

"Old hippies never die" "They just
smell that way"....and some strange signs.

The courthouse square shut down, but the
park didn't!

She was really getting into her music!

It was a fun day, but we still have a 2 1/2 hour
drive home....time to go!

But one last stop in Clinton.....Joe's treat
....thanks Joe!

It was soooooo goooooooood......
If you missed it......you sure missed it.
We will do this again!