TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Stopped to see a few elk in Boxley Valley

Our Task for today.....
Centerpoint Trail, Sneeds Creek, Granny Henderson's
House, Jim Bluff, Goat Trail and back out...9.3 miles
....and Ozark Cafe!

Centerpoint Trailhead

It would be downhill all the way to Sneeds Creek

Hiked down a new re-opened horse trail
and ending up at this waterfall.

Took a few pictures and headed out....

Mike wanted to drive out.....
not enough gas in the tank...

...so we just took a group picture and left.

We soon found and other truck....
same problem, no gas!

Then Nathan found this old car.....same story!

One of many crossings on Sneeds Creek

This one wasn't so bad....

A lot of neat slots along Sneeds Creek

Another golden water crossing...

Headed to the Evans-White house

....and there it is.

The front porch has finally colasped.

Part of the old newspaper wallpaper...1934.
The house was build a. 1919 by George Evans.
Around 1940 the house became the home for Ray
and Arbie Villines. Arbie was Granny
Henderson's daughter.

Exlporing some of the many cave-shelters
along Sneed's Creek.

Nathan was our main explorer.

Made it to Rocky Bottom for lunch.
Wonder why they call it that?

Looking for a nice sunny spot to dry our socks
out on......

Marked my spot.

Looking back up Sneeds Creek

We were lucky the water was not up today...
we would not be sitting here!

Group shot then on to Granny's house.....

Heading east.....downstream

Over the hill and through the woods to
"Granny's" house we go....

...but first, one more crossing.

and there's Granny's house

...and here we are!

And now a short side trip to Jim Bluff

Never been this way before......

Lots of canoes and kayaks out today.

A new channel has opened up next to the bluff

This is a favorite spot for swimming, etc.

Nathan at Jim Bluff.....
you can barely read "Jim Bluff".

If the water was warmer....a good swim would
be in order!

Time to leave and head on up to Goat Bluff

Rusty had lost one of his water shoes on the
trip down Centerpoint Trail......

Well, someone had found it and left it at the
entrance to Goat Bluff.   Amazing!!!!!

It was getting warm, so off with the pant legs.
No contest here.....Yuko is the winner!

Nathan was the first one through the
"schoolhouse hole" on Goat Bluff

Then there was Mary.

Our first view down on the Buffalo

The bluff was crowded today.....college students.

It is only a 200 ft. drop....no big deal!

Rusty "hugging" the bluff while taking a
picture of Nathan.

Some folks can't do this part.....!

Don't do this when it is wet and especially
if it is icy!!!!

Another view of the Buffalo

All made it, now time to turn around
and go back.

Down below......

Mike and Yuko taking a selfie.....
don't lean back any further Mike!

Back up and out to the Goat Bluff Trailhead.

We would water up and rest up for our next
2.3 mile death march out to Centerpoint!

Easy going at first.....

This is no big deal to James....
he is a marathon runner...!

We stopped at one of the sink holes on
the way out.

We were strung out pretty far at this point....
of course I stayed behind to take pictures!!!!

It only took us 1-hour to get from the Goat Bluff
Trailhead to Centerpoint TH which is 2.3 miles.

These are the cars that were parked across the highway
from Centerpoint parking area.....it was a popular
place today.....they must have heard we were coming?

We decided we needed a reward....

....and so we did!