TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We invaded this couples camp.......

Arriving at Owens Mt. Trailhead

Following the bluffline.....

Entrance to the top of the Bear Crack

For a shorter hike, you can exit down this
Bear Crack and follow the bluffline
back to the top....or go like we did!

Checking out the top of the Bear Crack

A perfect weather day to be
in the Arkansas Ozarks


That's a deep Bear Crack

Talking to Mark about a possible geocache?

Not a whole lot of color.......

This is how Gloria gets down the mountain...!
(Sit down and scoot)

Not an easy descent, but we did it.

Down and now over to Owens Rock

A great climbing area at Owens Rock

Don't do it ..... !

An amazing little corner.....

A little dog petting time.....for Rugger

They are back from a big trip out west, and
still came hiking today with us....

We are about to lose Brittany and Lydia in
this crack...they went everywhere today.

....and yet another crack in the bluff

Gloria couldn't find a flower, so she did
the best she could......!

Bottom bluffline at Owens Mountain

A little rocky in places


Oh, we did get to see some color today!

Looking for pictographs

My spot, so get up.....

This is the way up and out....

Our final climb out at Owens Mt.

Back at the road....Kathy is hoping for a mailman
ride back to our cars?

Made it back, now on over to Ricketts Mt.

Arriving at Ricketts Mt. and lunch.....

Up the tunnel to the top.....

Almost up......

Back down the tunnel and around the mountain.



We had a couple of planes out
looking for us today....

This was the Bear Crack up and out from
the bottom of Ricketts Mt.

Not an easy climb up.......

If Orvalene can do it....anyone can do it!

Yuko did it.....

Lisa did it....

Pam did it....

We all did it....we had no choice!

That look could "kill"!

Orvalene, Jim and Adrienne

Up, out and close to the road......

Yep, the road was a mighty fine sight to see....

Friends who like to hike.....

Another great day in the Arkansas Ozarks.