TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Waiting to get starting at Buck Branch at Chancel

Our Section of the OHT Mile 116.9-121.6

Entering Chancel Spur to OHT

Made it to the OHT

Big group today to do maintenance

It didn't take long before we got to work

Still a lot of "green"

We will leave this for the chainsaw guys
(One of many........)

Waiting for the others to catch up....
they must be working?

A "three man" job.....sorry Heidi

Another chainsaw job.....

....and yet another


Big tree top.....across trail

Head banger....!

New stickers at new mile markers.....

Made it to Elizabeth Creek for lunch

Yes, Kathy, it is lunch time!

Hot Buffalo Style Tuna ......?????
(Of course Lila will eat anything)

How about Mediterranean Style Tuna....
Where do these folks get this stuff?

Subway.....now those sounds like real food!

A banana sounds good too....

Fig Bar and sandwich (trail food)

Nice family outing.....
Elizabeth, Amanda and Heath

David and John



Hugh and Gloria

James and Cady

Oct. 29th and hot.....!!!!! Cool by creek.

Now back to work....

It doesn't take long to get your arms to burning!

John and Heida "the sawers"!

New Mile Marker 120

Oops, more chainsaw stuff....

Passing by the Famous Rock

Gary's Place  (Yuko)





Elizabeth (no big deal for her)




Paula (with a little enticing)


Sorry, James didn't make it.

Okay, fun time over, time to get back to work.

Oh my, spoke too quick!

Still a lot of trees in the way

....and oh my, again!

No matter how hard it was today....
we all made it out.  Now for a 1-mile
walk out to our shuttle.....

At least it was along a road.

How to get 19 folks in a 4-door

This may take some planning....?

We did it and the tires are still inflated.

Now back at our parking area......

Back at Tucker......

This makes your feet feel better!