TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our hike today was dedicated to our
beloved Anna Sue Blevins
11/7/23 - 9/12/16
You can see more pics of Sue (Click Here)

Pool party today.......
(....but it is Private...so you are not invited!)

Anna Sue Blevins Pics

This was the "quiet" before the storm....!

This was the "storm"!

Had "76" folks show up today....
they heard Dale and Barbara were cooking...

Gathering the troops.

Rusty our "PR" person.....

Our "lonely" leader.....final instructions.

Yuko and David, Mike was somewhere?

Mary Ann and Mary Reese (Rollans)

Hi Angela.....

Mike and Nita

We know Tim is here, but where is Kip?

Barbara and Gloria

Look who Lila brought....

....and finally we are off...
John Bearden wanted us to do the hike
in reverse, so here we go!

We were glad to see Maria back again,
and of course Lila.

I think we have a young one, ready to go.

We would be strung out the entire trip...!

We were catching ourselves coming and going!

Elizabeth and Amanda


Hope Nita does not forget her soccer game!

Arriving at Sunset Point

Time to get your iphone out....
it has been at least 30 minutes...!

Melissa and Emberly

James back from climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro,
Gloria back from Damascus! (AR)

Lindsey, Kathy and Kat

Time for a water break and a few pictures

We lost a few before we got to Sunset Point....
but we were still within our 20% loss factor!



Cindy was ordering pizza, she wasn't
sure about the hot dogs! lol

Even dogs need a water break!

Our final climb.....

Thumbs Up for Lindsey.....

Dale and Barbara, our cooks.

Lila's parents showed up....
Lila can't go anywhere....!!!!

A little dinner chat....

The chairs felt good after a great hike...

This is part of what you missed if you
were not here...the other part you missed
was the HIKE!