TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Mt. Magazine Visitors Center

Start out on North Rim Trail

....and off we go.

....kind of gloomy out today!

Our first "major" creek crossing!!!!

We have Lila with us today, so it may not be
so gloomy after all?

Donna and Patti and Mary and Daisy

They must be posing for a picture?

Chuck and Danny, deep discussing!

Enjoying the view

Girls day out....

Still on track.

Pretty high, but we will get higher.....

Hiking along the edge of cliffs, don't bother me,
this bothers me!

We will hike Mossback later....

More of those "scary" crossings!

Highpoint, lodge, highpoint, lodge....?

....I guess Highpoint first.

We met some wild animals on our way up....
(A Moose)

(A Wolf)

(An Owl)

We made it past the wild animals and up on top.


So now, who is hungry?

I smell food.......

We came out of the woods....finally.

....and made another "scary" crossing.

We need this......!

This counts as a hike too.

...getting closer!

It was the buffet for all of us today....!

How can she possibly eat all that....?
Well stay tuned!  She did, and more!

Is that ribs? YES, indeed!

...but this is what I ate!  Yeah, right!

I can't show who was eating these....
could it be Loretta?  I didn't show who...

This was Brenda's fourth course....!

If Chucks head is fuzzy looking, it is because
he would not hold still while eating.....

Donna was praying that she would not eat too
much.  It didn't get through!

Lindsey and Kathy showed up......just in time!

This is as far as we got after eating....
well some of us!

But here came our rescue vehicle....

Finally got everyone back together, and
off we go on our last section....

Getting to the top of Mossback, was hard on
a FULL stomach.

I don't think we can all fit behind
that tree.....

...but we tried!

Now it was not that funny....but the getting
up part was!

Someone in the log?  Yuko maybe?

All things back in order, now we hike!

Oh, no! Not another road crossing!

We are just following our LEADER!

This is so scary!

Mrs. and Mr. Hale

We are so done and it looks like Lila is crying!

Mike and Bill
(Found out they had a lot of friends in common)

Daisy was really happy we were done!

One more stop and we are outa here!

Another great day to be on the mountain....
now last week was a different story!
(Freezing cold and snow)