TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the Trailhead

Heading down the road

Brittany and Lydia would soon take over...

Up the hillside....

....and waiting on Sammy

....and to our first waterfall/shelter

Inside shelter looking out

Still a little water coming out of
Big Creek Cave Waterfall

The chain was still inside the opening....

Brittany still had a smile on her face...

So far so good......maybe?

Wolf Creek Cave Falls....dry as a bone!

Some took the scenic route up to the cave

The gate was sill locked!

Now on over to Cove Branch Mine

....and lunch

The girls had the best lunch spot....

Back down Cove Branch and over to Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is a bit of a scramble....

Up and down, up and down!

Lots of shelters along this bluffline

This was our end point on Wolf Creek

Another rough scramble back down...ask Monica

Brittany ready with her pink whistle in case
we get ourselves in trouble.....

Now over to the old homeplace...

....and a few driving instructions

This upside down car was.....

....this once upon a time!
Thanks to David Morgan's research.

If it could only talk!

Old homeplace

Sammy hit every waterhole his could find.

Our last water crossing....will Monica make it?

It was good to be back out......

Back safe and sound? Question mark on both!

These looked good enough to eat....?