TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at our cramped parking area


Heading for Hurricane Creek

Looks like "Little" water today....that's
a good thing!

Donna is making a fashion statement

David.....not so much!

Beth came prepared....but not for the
COLD water!

Time to change back into some dry socks...

OK, so we made it across Hurricane...now
down the old road.

Rest and catchup time!

Arriving at the Hurricane Creek Wilderness

....and some more uphill trekking.

Around the bend and we would soon be going
up on top of the Natural Bridge

On top of the Natural Bridge.....
looks better from down below!

We need to do some trimming up here?

That's Eddie, the wonder dog, checking it out.

Cady and James
(...and Eddie)

If Yuko only knew where she was standing!

Hard to get a good shot underneath....

Can't fit many on the bridge

Mike and Scott

The rock is leaning or my camera is?

Paula is hanging on to the Cedar tree,
just in case!

Paula on the bridge

It looks steep, doesn't it? It was!

Back down to retrieve our backpacks

Packing up, heading on down below
(Mike needed some oxygen or something?)

Nice grotto to camp in

When we caught up with the rest, they were
already eating lunch....

.....and Rusty had already finished!

....and David was taking a nap!

We were just up there.....

The sun felt good today...it was 33° when
we started.

Hey, you forgot your leader!
(Maybe it was on purpose?)

David and Harrison's lunch......

Eddie was making the rounds....he did not bring
his lunch.....but why would he?

Lila is ready to go?

Bruce drove all the way from New Oreleans
last night (at 11 PM) just to hike with us!
(And spend the week in the Ozarks)

Even I was enjoying the sunshine today.

Girls only....


This is how high up they were!

Getting ready for a group shot....
and Mike falls backwards off the rock!

US below the Natural Bridge

Bye, bye, Natural Bridge.

Heading back down part of the OHT

Michelle makes it just fine

Yuko does this all the time, so it is not a big deal!

I think we have someone "trapped"?

It was easier getting back across than coming...
water must have gone down?

Rusty to the rescue

Thank you Rusty.

Here comes the lady with the "blue" shoes!

Nick makes it, no problem!

Does she make it or not?

She does.....

Does Harrison make it or not?
Check back next week for the answer!

Now on dry ground.....

Wrapping it up....


Friends on Facebook, now friends in real life.