TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Trailhead on Hwy. 7

Entrance to the OT and Hunt's Loop

Up the OT first......

A quick stop on the way....a very important stop!

Arriving at the Ouachita Trail

Met some of John Bearden's friends who had
just come from overnight camping at
Moonshine Shelter on the OT

Orange for your safety......

box for the OT

We will be following the blue and the white
for some of our hike.....
Blue - OT, White - Hunt's Loop

Our first 360 ft. elevation climb

They actually have rocks in the Ouachita's

Green Thumb

Only 160 miles to the beginning of the OT
in Oklahoma

One-mile of the OT, now all Hunt's

Moohshine Shelter close by.....

Our hike on Short Mountain

Short Mt. Vista

Friend or Foe....nice shot between the eyes!
Must have been a "Foe"?

View (looking SW) from the vista

Vista viewing....

Map of our hike today

Now for our descent down to Iron Springs

Iron Springs

One of the bridges across the "roaring" creek

Eddie our hiking dog for the day!

Last bridge crossing today.....well maybe!

Vista overlooking the beautiful
Scenic Hwy. 7

Close to the end......

All back safe and sound.....

Finished here, now for our reward!

The Shack in Jessieville

Please hurry.....!!!!

Chris wondering if he ordered enough....

Nothing better.....Hike Arkansas
and hamburger and fries

....and a nice banana split for dessert!


....and perhaps a nap?