TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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At last count we had 51.....nice group to start our hiking in 2016

Directing traffic into the parking lot
The parking lot was full, so the highway became
a parking lot
Some even parked up the highway
and into the woods...
of course some of the vehicles were from
the Russellville Running Club
....and more gathering.
....and off we go
We begin to break up into "groups"!
Carol begins to break out of the pack...(group)
Spreading out even more
Some like a "challenge" and hike it up "backwards"!
Mary and Daisy
Yuko, Linda and Lila
Only one more turn.....yeah sure!
Made it to the bench
Some of the first to arrive at the top
Gloria Swartz was the winning...
She always wins!!!!!
Daisy was glad to be on top....
so was Mary and Chris (who came in
Conlee and Katie....."piece of cake"
Elevation 1800.....on top
Davids new ear muffs?
Some of the first.....
Oops, here come some more....
Mary Ann, Terra and Kathy
Some of the first and second.....
The Hales
Once you go up, you have to go down!
Not sure it is easier to go up than down?
Our reward......