TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Graves Creek parking area.

All 32 of US

....and down the road we go.

....and down the hill we go.

.....and NOW down the hill we really go.

Arriving at Graves Creek with no injuries!

Still a little water in parts of the creek

Once everyone gets to down to the creek we will
head on down.......

Lindsey is ready, I can tell!

We will do this.....many times.

Our first small waterfall....

We would do a lot of "gathering" today....
we were really strung out....

John, Eddie and Chuck

We would also do this a lot.....

We found our tree.....

You can see how big the hole is...
James is a big guy!

Chuck living on the EDGE!

This is why we call this a bushwhack!

It was slick and steep in places.

This is just one of many pictures of Mary Ann...
and her white hiking pants.....doing a stain test!
She is such a trooper....last time we hiked this,
she did this in the middle of the creek!

She finally did stop.....

This is the "stain test" I was talking about!

Again we cross.....

That is a line of folks! Waiting to cross.

Everyone had.....

....there own way of crossing....

....and this is the way Mary Ann did hers!
(And I do have this on video!)

We decided after that, it was time to eat lunch.

We were in a canyon, so the sun did feel good.

Mike was missing Yuko.

OK, lunch is over, time to cross the creek again.

This time, no problem.

This is the area where the wild hogs hang out.
This is the area where WE hang out.

Made it to our last waterfalls.....

Chuck was so sad to leave.....

Yeah, we were all sad, we knew we had a BIG
hill to climb getting out of here!

But leave, we must.

Just wondering how long those smiles will last?

This reminds me of leaving from Granny Henderson's
Cabin on the Buffalo and hiking up to Centerpoint!

.....there was not much that was flat....

It was like hiking off into the sunset!

Can't see any smiles.....of course can't see them!

Made it to our vehicles....now I see some smiles!

Watching them as them come in...

James and Cady
(They would normally RUN up the hill)

Eddie and Gloria

Linda, Lila and Judy

Lila picked up trash on the way out.

We got a runner....Barbara is a showoff!

Glen and David

Linda would have got up quicker, but
she was texting!!!!

Mary Ann and John

Nikole and Lena

Last but not least, Steve and David

No, wait a minute, it's Chuck!
And his victory sign.

Someone's feet are tired!
(Yeah, everyones!)

.....and we leave you with this.....
It was a great day, 65° at the end of January.  Had a lot of new folks (hope they come back). At least they know what a "bushwhack" is now!
Wish we could have had water for the waterfalls.....guess we will just have to come back someday.