TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Gravel Pit Lake Parking

Bill brought his canoe, just in case....!

....and it looks like we might need it?

But we decided we needed to build a
bridge instead......

...and after a while we sort of had one built!

In the process, John broke his favorite
hiking stick...ah!

Armstrong was strong......

OK, it was done, so come on across.

A little help never hurts!

We have the masked bandit with us today?

Now for the rest......
(No one got wet....good bridge)

We made it to Gravel Pit Lake

We looked for a way to get back across
Haw Creek....no way....back across our bridge!

The bridge was still there.....

On our way to the CCC camp.....

Photo opt time.....

Chris trying to find a shortcut.......nope!

Another small waterfall on Haw Creek.

We found our first evidence of the camp...
we think and old dug well?

Nice rock work.....

Nice fireplace.....

If this FP could talk.....?

Found the old latrine, etc.

A very large building was here.....

Several old rusty empty bean cans....

Bill found the old septic system....

The other end of the septic system....
1936 Johnson County Map
showing location of CCC camp
(Located 2.8 miles west of Haw Creek CG.)
Map of the old Fort Douglas CCC Camp
and Gravel Pit Lake
Project #F-12, Company 1701, Established 6/5/33
Much of the training in Fort Douglas centered
around prevention and control of forest fires
and protection of the habitat of wild life species.
Company 1701 at Fort Douglas
  Company 1701  
  Company 1701  

  Now over to King's Bluff  

Arriving at Pedestal Rock Scenic Area
(We still have our canoe....you just never know!)

Can't believe anyone would not do this!

On the trail all the way down.....

We arrived at the top of King's Bluff Falls area
and Sammy found a nice cool puddle of water.

Checking our view downunder.....

There was water at the waterfall.....

Our first amazing pedestal downunder...

Looking up at the bluff line

Time for lunch downunder .....

The sun felt pretty good today....

Can you find Chris?

Nice rock formations in this shelter

Most of the shelters had water in them.

Looking up from below.....

Thick down here!

Quite a sight.....

You tell me how that pine tree
is growing up there?

Another wet one.....

A waterfall inside this shelter....

Old shelters where probably Indians lived
for a short period of time?

Armstrong, Heidi and Linda

.....and Rusty!

Ready to get out of here....!
(So where is Sammy?)

Anyone know where Sammy is?

Chris is high on a rock looking for him.

Rusty just got a voice message that
someone had Sammy back at the
parking lot........yea!

All is well. Sammy is in his dog box, tired and asleep!
Now we need to find Lindsey and Kathy?