TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the OHT Trailhead Mile Mkr. 96

We all started on this hike.....
(Maybe not all finished?)

The woods were open and the sun was out.

It would get 70° today and it was the first
part of March......

Our first downhill part.....
which only means?

Made it to Cedar Creek, now to cross!

Now to the Pool.

Arriving at Cedar Creek Pool and Heidi
was already getting ready for a swim?

Not everyone thought that was a good idea!

Did she or didn't she?
Check out our Facebook Page
for the answer.....

She looks wet for some reason?
.....and COLD!

Mary enjoying her "quiet" lunch time?

I think that is a selfie?

Beautiful day, beautiful water....

Four are misssing, who might they be and
why aren't they here?

Now back across Cedar Creek and on to
Hobo Falls....

I hope Heidi is not planning on going
(Hobo Falls East)

Mary and Debbi
(Not a good day for picture taking)

Bill trying to figure where the water is going below
Hobo Falls!

Heading back out and UP!

Now over to Union School

Inside the school

We know the history about this school desk!

...but we don't know the history about this?

Time to leave.....

The Little Piney