TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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The river was a "little" low today.
Cindy and Patti felt like they were
scrapping the ground!

This was not a good way to start.....but many did.
Going down the river backwards and sunk!

Some of us took the "safe" route.

Finally! After getting to Steel Creek, making our
shuttle, we hit the river by 10:45 A.M.

The river at Ponca was 21" below the bridge
today.....considered "very low".

However, the river was very crowded today....
it would prove to be fun and even a little
dangerous......trying to get 10 boats through
a rapid...!!! At one time!

This is how most of the river looked today.
Very shallow at the rapids.....

....but we kept is calm....and did not panic!

Yes, calm, very calm!

Someone needed to tell Chuck, he was
headed in the wrong direction.

At times we would pull on the side and wait
for the rest to catch up.....and then realizing,
they were ahead of us!

We would drag our kayaks, just to avoid the
people and those that crashed ahead of us.

The downed tree in the river today was
not friendly to a lot of floaters!
(See below)


Glen had a big group with him today.

This was happening a lot...
that mean ole tree....!

First you rescue your people, then you rescue
your stuff!

Going backwards, didn't help!

Calling for HELP, didn't work either!

But then, it was calm again!

It was so calm, Kathy even got to fish.

Yuko and Lila

Our first sighting of the Goat Bluff

....our second sighting.

Time for lunch.....

Cindy knows how to float!

Max didn't want to leave the water....

Kathy had been floating down the river,
without her boat.....she was cold now!

Looking up at Goat Bluff and some hikers.

This was the only time, we were all together.

Lunch time over, time to head the river.

Yuko and Mike
(The river was not rough enough for them)

Looks like a problem up ahead?

I think these guys canoe is submerged!

Another dragging spot.

I think Cindy is hung up....?

Brenda learned that if you "skutch" it helps!

When you did catch up....it started getting crowded.

Yep......getting crowded again!

Photo opt!

This was a shot just before I hit this ROCK!

Camping on the river, or "in" the river!

Arriving at Jim Bluff

I think I might be being followed?

Yep, alligators on the river!

Back to few rapids.....

The jumping rock just before Hemmed-In
Hollow get-out!

This area was bad today.....lots of turnovers!

Brenda didn't sweat it, she waited her turn to
get through......

Oops, another bad spot up ahead!

Enjoying the river......

Almost to Kyles Landing.....

Our get out place.....

Allison was sad it was over....

Now we wait for the others to arriver....

All here and ready for some FOOD!

....and guess where we are going?

First a fried dill pickle.....

Bacon, onion rings, cheese, etc. Burger

BBQ Burger

Volcano Burger

Excalibur Burger

Inside the Excalibur

Ozark Burger

Ray brought his harmonica to play along....

....with this guy!

Not sure if Lila disliked Ray or the guy?

Yep, a great way to end a float trip....!

We bid you farwell.......