TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Look you came to greet us as we were leaving
Tucker Coliseum....Pam Ernst's husband.

At Austin Trailhead heading down to campgrounds
to begin our hike.....

Ready for our first adventure.

Didn't take us long to get to our first waterfall...
(below Schoolhouse Falls)

Mary and Lila
(Hope Lila doesn't want this one named
after her....she would have to jump in!)

Cady and James

It wasn't raining..... it was just WET!

These ladies are up to something.....
and you will see later on....

Schoolhouse Falls with
Yuko behind the falls.

 A few photos and then on to our next one...

The creek crossings were SLICK!

But we made it, or I think we did?

Look what we had waiting for us when we
got back! Yikes!

The officer had heard of a "disorderly" bunch
invading the woods.....yes it was US!
But he let us go......

So we left in a hurry......
(It was those ladies fault!)

On our way to Lizard Log Falls
(Eddie is ready for the hard headed stuff?)

Meet a friend along the way.....!

This is where you go down, and down and down!

.....and down.

Yep, she fell, but I was not fast enough to
get a picture.

Paula is always drawn to water.

...and so is Lila.
(If Heidi was here, she would be swimming)

See what I said about Paula?

Lizard Log Pool

....and Lizard Log Falls

David found a neat rock canyon
on the south side of Lizard Log Falls

...so we all took a tour through it.

A mini-waterfall pouring out a hole
in the bluff.....there were many today.

Made it back up and out and not a
bump on the head encountered.

Time for a quick snack before heading out again.
I could have sworn it didn't rain today?
But Yuko sure looks wet!
Heading to Ladderbucket Falls
...and look who we met along the way....
Jill Pickett from El Dorado
(Her mission is to get to every waterfall
in Tim Ernst's Waterfall book)
We made it down, first to
John Mountain Falls
Exploring up above....
.... and then on over to Ladderbucket Falls
(Zack Andrews named this fall, after finding
a ladder and a bucket near the falls...
they are still located just north and east of
David Berger got some good photos of all
the waterfalls today....way to go David.
You can see them on
The Waterfalls of Arkansas (Facebook)

This is a place you really don't want to leave.
(We have video of Paula and Lila in the pool)

....so we hung around for a while.
But we had to leave, so we made our way out
along the bluffline....
Along the way, passing by the Bear Cave.
....and one last shot of the group.
(Below John Mt. Pouroff)
Lila taking a shower....
Getting close to our steep climb out....
The bluffs were full of these iron works.
Rock Cairns where you go down....
Everyone ready to get back and get dried off!!!
Mary didn't even get "damp"?
David was glad he got some good pictures....
not coming back.....at least for a while!
We all made it back on top, except we could
not find Rusty!
But we did find marks in the mud
of an arrow and the initials RT.
And then we did find Rusty and his truck....
(It was a good thing, we were not going back
for him.) (That is just the way we are!)
...some of us walked out....
....some rode.

Bye, Bye!
There were still plenty of waterfalls in the area...
but we were pooped and went home!
It was a great day. Rain was predicted, but
we had none.  We only went to three places
in the BrockCreek Trail area, had three
more to go to.....

by the time we got out of Ladderbucket, we
were pooped and hungry.
Until next time!