TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Parking Area #1

Our task for the day

We ended up with 24 folks....somewhere along
the way here we lost 4.....
they would soon catch up!

The road was rough and icy so we hiked to
Parking Area #2

We are glad we hiked down this road!

Rodger was there waiting for us.....

This is the official trailhead......
(at Parking Area #2)

....so off we go.

It was 31 degrees......and it did not get any
warmer, but coming out, it felt good!

Our 4 finally showed up just before we
headed down to Bowers Hollow Falls

We set up a NEW rock cairn to designate
where you leave the trail and head down to
Bowers Hollow Falls

New Rock Cairn
35°51.144', 93°26.236'

It is almost a straight shot down the hill to the
top of Bowers Hollow Falls

We found our way down and headed to the
bottom of Bowers Hollow Falls

We found out pretty soon, to NOT stand
under the icicles......

The whole bluffline was like this.....

This Beech tree grew to fit the bluff.

A very frozen Bowers Hollow Falls

Time for lunch "in the sun".

Those sitting down below would soon move
out of the way of the falling icicles!

"Scott on a Rock"

Linda had eaten and was ready to go....

....so off we go.

Not one person slipped and fell on this spot!

Once we got out of Bowers Hollow and up the hill,
would find Rick Henry's newest discovery!

Rick found this a couple of weeks ago
on his way out of the Hollow....Nice!

Amazing place in the middle of nowhere.
(Old homesite)

From here (old homesite) we would continue uphill
and intersect the trail to Smith and McClure Falls

It was a jungle out there too!

This rock cairn marks the trail down to
Smith and McClure Falls on the road.
35°50.985', 93°25.931'

Partial view of the upper Ken Smith Falls
We did not have time to go down under.

There was a nice grotto next to the falls where
hikers had been camping.
You just wouldn't want to get up in the middle of
the night and forget where you were!!!!

This was Ray trying to scare us by looking down
at bottom of Ken Smith Falls....and he did!

This was Sam trying to scare us too....
and he did!

Linda tried it also....it was time to move on!

A view of the bluffs across the way.....
(You can't tell from the picture, but
that is a DEEP canyon!)
Approaching the top of Tom McClure Falls

Bill looking down into the deep canyon at the
bottom of McClure Falls while the rest circle around.

View into the canyon and a partical view
of Tom McClure Falls

We decided we did not have time to go down below...
so we took a few mintues rest before heading out.

There is a nice flat rock patio just above
Smith Falls.....

Cady, James, Ray, Scott and Debra

Glen would be out "sweeper" on the way out!
(...and we didn't lose one person today?)

Yuko is ready to go....

After a short climb up, we made it back to the
trail and our march back to our vehicles.

Folks were still talking and laughing....
that is a sign of a GOOD hike!

We met several folks coming in to camp for the
weekend and also the Meetup Group from
Fayetteville on our way in....this was a busy
place today.

So if you don't sign-in do you have to

Back at the trailhead, now just another 0.5 miles to
our vehicles.

Some got a ride with Rodger.....

.....the rest of us walked.

This is three of the "Losers" that rode in the truck!
Linda, Lila and Paula

These two are not "Losers" they are
Harrison and David

The REWARD for many of US!
The next trip we will just do Smith and McClure Falls and go downunder.
Our hike today was 8.9 miles.....perfect day in the woods!